2 Programming Languages to Boost Cybersecurity


The U.S. Department of Defense suffers $10 million from cyber attacks per day. Meanwhile, there are viruses that can cost you a billion dollars in a matter of seåconds. Mydoom, for instance, is the most expensive virus right now. If you get caught up in its range, you may end up losing $38.5 billion. One can only hope to steer clear of these viruses. That’s why it’s a must to be prepared even before they start knocking at your door. To help you prepare, we’ve searched for two programming languages that can help you beef up your cybersecurity.



JavaScript may be one of longest standing programming languages, but it still holds features where contemporary languages do not stand a chance. And strengthening cybersecurity is one of its remarkable features. As you know, JavaScript is considered as one of the three core languages for World Wide Web development. It also serves as the foundation of HTML and the web. This language can help you prepare and grasp web-based attacks. Moreover, JavaScript developers can easily locate compromised cookies, hidden manipulation in your forms, and attacks via event handlers.


Furthermore, this will allow you to digest Document Object Model or DOM-based XSS while learning the language. The DOM plays a vital role in dealing with objects in HTML documents. You will learn the patterns and processes about how these objects work, thus, you have a fighting chance against cyber threats. Meanwhile, a DOM-based XSS is an example of a security attack. It is a result of mishandling data in HTML that is connected with DOM. Learning JavaScript enables you to have sufficient background on this attack which can help you prevent it before it actually happens.



Python is an emerging programming language in boosting cybersecurity. Developers appreciate Python for its code readability and at the same time serves as a general purpose programming language. That’s not everything yet. Python also enables programmers to become more productive. The language has a feature where you can perform 10 scripts at the same time that no other programming language can do. If you are already astonished by Python, watch what it can do to your cybersecurity.


For those who aim to strengthen their virtual defense, this programming language is your best friend. Python developers enable them to adjust existing tools and even create everything from scratch. In other words, you can build scripts that automatically activates in a threat of an attack. You can even create a specialized defense that only you can control. This feature is what attracts developers to study the language. You can build your own wall against malicious attacks. It’s like having your own army on standby as you wait for intruders.


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