2017 Tech Recruitment Insight


Employment rate in the Philippines has increased since 2015, from 94.6 percent to 95.5 percent this year. Last August, there has been over 500,000 IT job ads from various different online job sites in the country, a huge jump from the previous year’s almost 200,000 job ads. Clearly, the IT industry is still growing, and this 2017, the demand for IT jobs will soar.



The Philippine IT industry is on the lookout for experts who can fill out more IT-focused or related roles. The need is so high, in fact, that companies are not shying away from advertising competitive wages; IT Project managers and IT consultants can earn as much as 80,000php-100,000php. Helpdesk Tech support can earn as much as 50,000php -- still a huge income compared to other non-IT jobs in the market.


Despite these financially rewarding offers, the demand for IT jobs only seems to increase. Whether it’s for business expansion or the need for a 24/7 IT support team, the search for the best IT candidate will never end. It’s only vital that government sectors, universities, private companies, and associations to contribute to the strengthening of the IT sector in the country, whether it be through in-house and public seminars and training, and better curriculums that give more focus to tech skill enhancement.

There are more IT skills to be discovered. For instance, this Job Openings by Skill in the Philippines Tree below illustrates few job openings for languages that are actually in demand in the IT job market.



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