2018 IT jobs on the rise


When you want to climb up the IT career ladder, you’ve got to be aware of all the available paths you can take to further your career. In this fast-changing industry, it’s best to be prepared this 2018. Recently, online tech magazine CIO has released a list of the best IT job prospects for IT pros such as yourself.


Here are the top 7 most in demands for 2018:

Business Intelligence Analyst
With the growth of startups in the Philippines (and across the globe, actually), it’s no surprise that business intelligence analysts are in high demand. For one, this role is most important in understanding a business needs in terms of data. You’re a great fit for this role if you are skilled in Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), and data cube technology. Since it’s a business-related job, a strong command of verbal and written skills is also important.

Want to explore this job opportunity? Check this opening at Pointwest and send your CV today.

Data Scientist
With the big hype about AI and machine learning, data scientists are getting all the hype in the IT industry. This sought-after post is also attractive to business owners as data scientists helps gather, process and of course, analyze data. It’s a BIG plus if you have a masters or a PhD. If you’ve got strong analytical and mathematical skills, and if you’re fluent in Java or Python — this is the job for you.

If you’re looking for a job similar to this, you can check this Stefanini job post for a SQL Data Analyst.  

Database Developer
As business continue to grow and expand and move into digital platforms, this job will be around for a long time yet. For now, requirements for this position is a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or database experience. It’s also great if you’ve worked with programs such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or IBM DB2. You can expect bigger payoffs if you have certifications for Oracle Database Administrator Certified Professional or Microsoft Certified Database Administrator.

Just in time, AIG is looking for a Database Developer to be part of their team.

Helpdesk / Support Desk Technician
When will this job be not in demand? As long as businesses are connected to the internet or as simple as having computers — this job won’t be out of business. So as long as you’ve got strong problem-solving and communication skills, you might want to give this job a shot.

If troubleshooting is your game, you can apply to KMC Solutions’ IT support post today.

Network administrator
Like help desk/support technician jobs, network admins are vital to companies because this is a round-the-clock post.People who have skills in troubleshooting, high analytic and diagnostic skills, and certifications will definitely have high chances of landing this dream job.  

If you’re ready to be the network admin star of a company, you can check this Caspo job post. Send in your resume!

Data security administrator
With all the sensitive data, a data security admin is almost vital to all companies who want to make sure they’re free from any cyber threats. For this post, you would have to be able to define security requirements, ensure all security measures are up and of course, monitoring security practices. You would also have to implement strategies to improve cyber security for the company. It’s a continuous learning endeavor as cyber threats are also evolving.

If you’re up to this challenge, check out this IT job post.

System administrator
Do you have a knack for problem-solving? If you’ve got the skills and experience in technical understanding of company hardware and software to back that up, this is the post for you. If you’re used to doing all things software-related (patching, updating, recovering, etc.) and you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, technical training certificate, then you may be interested in pursuing this career.

Test the waters for yourself and check out this Cambridge University Press IT opening.


It’s going to be an awesome year ahead for IT pros because of all these available opportunities! Do you qualify to any of these IT jobs? If none of these caught your eye, you can always explore the ICTjob.ph website and use our special skill matrix to find the skill-fit job for you!

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