3 Must-Try Tools for App Developers


Want to build your own app? Or do you want to practice your developing skills? If you need tools to help you out, you’re in luck! Here are a few tools to get you started, especially if you want to bank in on those app developing skills. Due to the rise of smartphone usage, being a mobile developer is one of the best tech jobs to get.



Did you know that you can create an iPhone app in a browser-based platform? Input existing content and plug-in social networking feeds. Custom CSS, JavaScript, push notifications, aware GeoRSS, location are some of its features. What’s great about this is that it’s a free tool. Simply follow the link above to check it out.


Onsen UI

Put together on CSS and HTML, Onsen can give web programmers the ability to work with non pre-integrated Cordova and PhoneGap, jQuery, and Angular. Focusing on UI development, this program offers an array of UI features which are mostly web-based. If you’re a jQuery Mobile user, you’ll benefit from Onsen, considering it provides enhanced functionality, features, and performance.


Unity 3D

Now on its 11th year, Unity 3D supports several platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android. They even support gaming platforms like PS3, Wii U, and PS3. Dubbed as “intuitive” for new users, in-game scripts can be written with C#, Boo, and UnityScript. To enhance the programming experience, Unity also showcases the Asset Store where users can create models, animations, tools, systems, and more. Simply purchase and the tools will be imported into the project.


When you want to learn from the pros

Now, you may want to go the extra mile and learn from the big leagues. For instance, you can purchase a software development kit from the Google Play store for just $25. You’ll be able to access source codes, developer tools, samples, and emulators for testing apps. For a small price, Google will give additional instructional videos, reading material and more so you can develop the best apps. Apple, on the other hand, offers theirs for $99. They offer an array of tools, debugging tests, guides, and tips for developing apps for iOS.


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