3 Ways to Write a Great Resignation Letter (Even if you don’t want to)


Even if you’re more than ready to move on from your job -- bitterly or not -- you’ll still need to send in a resignation letter. If you’ve done it before, you know it’s not the easiest tas in the world, even if you have a lot of things to say about your previous company. If you haven’t done this yet, well, you’d find yourself between a rock and a hard place because you probably don’t even know where or how to start.


So before you start writing an emotional outburst (which may or may not translate as hate mail), here are sure ways to help you send the best goodbye message, the right way!


Keep it professional


You might think that your resignation letter is all about pouring your frustrations and whatnot, but before you give them a page of your diary, remember to keep it cool and still act like a pro. You would want to write a formal letter that would include specific details, such as your name, your position, and the company name. And as much as you’d like to get all emotional about it, it’s best to keep things short and straight to the point. In the case where you would need to state your reasons, remember the next tip... 


Be diplomatic


Even if the last thing you want is to be nice, take note that this resignation letter may be your last impression in the company. When it comes to business, the last thing you’d want to do is burn bridges. Keep the doors open and leave on a positive note. Also, if you really want to be heard, go for a tone where people will listen rather than feel defensive or angry about what you wrote.


Say thank you


This may pain some people to say this, and you don’t have to say it unless you really mean it, but think about it: what did you really get from this experience in the professional sense? Whether they have caused you great pain, there is always something to gain from these particular kinds of hardships. It’s time to reassess the experience and determine how you can learn from your previous company.



With these tips, leave on a high note with a great resignation letter. It’s optional to state your reasons for leaving, but as much as possible, always keep it classy and professional. Whatever it is that made you resign, remember to quit your job the right way.


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