4 Useful Open Sources for Web Developers


Programing presents so much stress and sleepless night for web developers like you. So, this is where Google becomes effective. This is where open sources become your best friend. Tons of open sources are being launched from time to time. With so many available resources onilne, which should you try first? You wouldn’t want to waste your time, money, and energy on something that isn’t worth it, would you?

Because we want you to advance your IT career, we’ve put together 4 open sources that would be vital to your projects!



The name is already a giveaway on the open source’s nature. Rubygems is designed for you to fully access and maximize Ruby-based software services. You can integrate any Ruby-based programming script to your project easily, compared to manually placing it. Developers refer to the software package as a gem. You use gem to install all the necessary Ruby-based software that you need in whatever project you’re working on. You may also access other works in their libraries. This enables you to see how other developers handle a certain coding error. The creation of this open source is way, way beneficial for you, especially if you’re still trying to master Ruby.



Unlike other open-source software, developers designed Wordpress initially for blogging. They do not have any prospects of designing it as an open source. But eventually, Wordpress became more than that. You can use it for your projects to improve your typography functionalities. Since it became open source, a number of businesses have utilized this software to improve their online presence. Also, it would not be a surprise if you’re still using this for your blogs since it promotes a user-friendly environment.



Atom is another amazing open-source that you may want to use for future projects. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been so kind to give its license for public use. Github had released a beta version but the real one is so much better. Developers of this open source took the public by surprise when they integrated Atom’s core application, Atom shell, Atom package manager, and Atom chromium with the beta version. These additional tools allow you to establish your system with text editors, panes, and other efficient functions. You’ll be able to access other packages that might address issues in your project.



Packagist is probably one of a kind open-source that you’ll ever encounter. It does not share the typical nature that you can expect from an open source. Packagist helps you find other packages. In other words, this open-source aids to find the codes that you’re looking for. It will help you determine the best codes that you can apply or integrate into your project. Developers also allow you to submit your works which would benefit your co-users. They may also provide your feedback so you can improve what you worked on.


Are you a web developer who’s been using these open sources? Have you found these suggestions to be helpful? Visit our website and find job openings for the developer position!








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