5 Don’ts for an Attractive Resume




Fun fact: you have only SIX SECONDS to get your dream job. Employers do not necessarily spend countless hours reviewing your resume; remember, they have stacks of resumes and CVs to consider as well. The key is to get their attention within those six special seconds or you will end up looking at another job ad. And because we want to make it easier for you to get that job, we’ve listed five things to include in your resume. 


Do NOT false advertise


Never write skills that you cannot really do. Employers almost immediately looks at the skills you can offer them. Place what you can do on top so they can easily locate your expertise and skills. Don’t pretend to be an expert in any field. Focus on what you can offer.

Do NOT write all your personal achievements


We get it; you want to prove to your future employers that you’re more than worth their time. However, you don’t want to overuse space on your academic and non-academic achievements since high school. As much as possible, focus on your most recent and relevant achievements that are related to the position you’re applying for. For example, if you’re applying for an oracle developer position, you don’t need to include your award for a news writing competition. So save space in your CV, and emit your non-related achievements and use it as ammo for the interview.

Do not put a picture


Unless stated as a requirement, do not include a picture on your CV. Unfortunately, physical appearance might affect your employer’s perspective about you. Allow them to review your qualifications first and foremost and let them decide according to your skills.  


Do not write irrelevant and short work experiences


You might have tried and worked for different organizations or jobs in the past, but that does not instantly qualify as something worth putting in your resume -- especially if you haven’t spent more than six months in that specific post. If you’re applying for an IT career, don’t include your part time stint as a clerk at a pawn shop. Focus only on what’s important.

Do not write any personal information


Putting your marital status, nationality, religious affiliation, and social security number is unnecessary -- and this list includes your hobbies. Your personal information might affect your employer’s decision in hiring you. Let them consider your qualifications instead of the small details of your personal life.

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