5 Don’ts to Help Keep Your Job Hunting a Secret


As much as you’d like to just send your resignation letter because you’re “so done with it”, you know you can’t just leave your horrible job because you KNOW you need that paycheck. So what can you do to make sure that you won’t breach your contract while finding a greener pasture? You’ve got to keep it discreet, that’s what!


Here are five easy job hunting tips that will keep you afloat until you decide to finally sail away to better seas. In short, here’s how to make sure no one spoils your escape plan to another company (without getting fired and still leave with a pretty good reputation):  


Don’t rant on social media
It’s the biggest trap you’ll ever fall into if you’re not careful. A lot of people have gotten into trouble at work because of their Facebook rants. Honestly, if you have a problem at work, the best thing you can do is address it professionally. Throwing shade at people (whilst restricted/blocked) isn’t enough to solve the problem. And you never know who you can really trust. You never truly know who’s friends with who, especially in social media, and your post might find its way to the wrong (or right) people. Don’t dig your own grave online.

Don’t use your work email
Simply said, your work email can be accessed by your current company’s IT team. Don’t use it to send your CV or resumes to your prospective employers. Don’t use it to rant to your officemates or your personal friends and family. Don’t leave receipts!

Don’t tell your colleagues
Like the rant on social media, ranting with friends at work is also a bad idea--especially if you want to keep things under wraps. Limit it to only 1-2 of your most-trusted friends. However, don’t expect them to keep it all to themselves for long. You can’t always swear people to secrecy. If you want a fool-proof plan, just resist telling them until after you’ve gotten the JO.


Don’t job hunt at work

As mentioned above about not using your work email, you should also avoid going on interviews during your work hours. Other than the fact that you won’t be able to give 8 hours to your working place, you might also “dress up” for that interview. People will wonder what’s amiss, seeing as you don’t dress so formally on regular days. Also, that being said, don’t Google job offers (or read articles like these) and leave them on your desktop monitor for everyone to see. As much as possible, do it through your phone. Don’t broadcast your plans!

Don’t slack off
If you’re intent on keeping things a secret, don’t make it obvious that your passion for what you do has died. Act normal, like you would any day. Don’t make it look like you’re taking it easy or you’re not taking your work seriously anymore--even after you’ve filed your resignation letter.  


Finally, don’t say adios until you’re completely sure that you got the job offer from your other company. Just because you got a call-back for an interview means you got the job. Never leave your current job without a Plan B.


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