5 Easy to Remember Ways to Speed up the IT Recruitment Process


With a lot of competition in terms of salary packages and work location, getting IT applicants may feel like a slow and grinding process. If you want to make your work a little bit easier or if you’ve simply run out of strategies to get more candidates, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.


Pre-interview process

Before you start calling your prospects, be sure that you understand the job description fully. What are the skills that are most important for the role? When do they need to have this post filled? Be clear in terms of deadlines and other skills so that you know which to prioritize.


Review previous applications

Have you had a bunch of good applicants get rejected for a certain job post? Don’t trash those CVs just yet! You never know when another similar position might be available — be it in the current company you work for or not. Rank the CVs according to skill and compile everything in your own, private folder. Just because they did not get hired, doesn’t mean they’re not good enough for other opportunities, after all.

Employee referrals

Want to increase employee engagement, retainment, and hire your next IT pro? An employee referral program might be the answer. Give financial rewards for each successful hire as referred by current employees. It’s important to remind them that they would probably enjoy working in the office when they know their teammates beforehand. There isn’t a better motivation for employees to get paid for referring their own friends. A bonus is that you’ll fill those positions faster than you think.


Have one tech pro join the interview

Want to make sure you get the right candidate? If you have high hopes for specific applicants, ask one of the IT pros from the team they’ll probably be part of to join the interview. There isn’t anything wrong with wanting their potential colleagues to get the first impression of prospects. You’ll increase your chances of hiring similar talents if they have a part in the hiring process.

Utilize your ictjob.ph account

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