5 FREE resources where you can learn code

There isn’t any time to spare — you’ve got to learn more code if it’s the last thing you do! There are just so many opportunities waiting for you. The more code you know, the more appealing your CV is to recruiters. If you want to make the most of your IT skills, here are free resources for you to try.

A tuition fee simply isn’t an excuse anymore. Thanks to the internet, there is an abundance of video tutorials, e-books, presentations, and so much more to help you learn to code. Here are our top 5 picks or free resources where you can sharpen your code skills at your own pace:


The Odin Project
Learn JavaScript, GIT, Ruby, and more in The Odin project. This site is perfect for beginners. Their aim is to provide a “path for students to go from zero to employed as web developers while working with other students along the way”. Although they do not provide certification, they highly encourage students to build portfolios to impress potential employers instead.

Want to learn about web design and development? This is the best resource for you — especially if you’re the type who learns fast via video. The channel owner is Travis Neilson, a Google employee. Some of his topics include: CSS Animation Series, React JS Prototyping, and GitHub for Noobs.

This non-profit website is specifically made for women who wish to learn to code! They teach HTML/CSS, Angular.JS, GitHub, PHP, MYSQL, and JavaScript. If you’re a woman in IT, you’ll definitely enjoy learning in a space that is created especially for you.

General Assembly
Called the “solution to the global skills gap” by its CEO & founder Jake Schwartz,   the Dash program allows anyone to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for free. Just create your account using the link above and you will be taken to a page with a lot of projects to work on.


This resource contains courses not only code but for other subjects as well. Although you have to pay for the certification, the courses are still free. So what you can do is to use the material and build your portfolio instead. They have courses on Web App Development, Advanced C++, Intro to Java and so much more.


Now that you have these free resources to choose from, all we can say is to get ready for more opportunities! We’re excited about your IT career to take off.

Speaking of your IT career, we’re eager to get you started. Why don’t you check out our special skill matrix tool to get the best job-match for you? Or better yet, simply check out the openings this month? Let’s get you to a better place, STAT! Happy job hunting!

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