5 Job Hunting Tips for IT Grads


When you’ve already received your diploma and yet you’re still at home jobless, you might be asking yourself, “Now what?” Even if you graduated top of your class, you know that job offers aren’t always waiting at your doorstep or at least your inbox. They’re like precious gems you have to seek out on your own.

If you want to sink your hooks into the best job opportunities in the IT industry, here are five strategies to help you out.


Set a goal


What company are you aiming for? What specific job description would you wish to have? Are your skills aligned with your desired job post? Having a goal would help you create a job hunting plan. It’s not as simple as sending out resumes or applying online. Doing this would lead to the next benefit…


Practice interview questions


Doing mock interviews on your own is an efficient way to clarify what you want to say or how to say it. Don’t rely on memory or rely on what’s on the top of your head when you’re in the actual interview. It’ll help to have practiced lines and statements that will be useful in engaging your interviewer. For instance, you wouldn’t want want to mispronounce technical words or say negative things about yourself or the job itself. Remember, practice goes a long way!

Modify your cover letter & CV


If you’ve got just one copy of your CV for all your job applications, it’s time to rethink that step and prepare different versions of your resume. You might need to customize your CV to highlight the specific skills that your desired job needs. It’s like showing them exactly what they need, instead of having just one version of your CV. They might get distracted by other items in your CV that does not have anything to do with the job description.

Establish your online presence


When you’re set on landing your dream job, best make sure your #1 company will be able to Google you and like what they see. Clean up your social media accounts. Make sure that you’ll be seen as someone who’ll find it easy to fit in their company. It also helps to have an active LinkedIn account, as it’s basically the Facebook for professionals.

Stay positive


Finally, be proactive! Staying positive during your job hunt is your biggest asset. There’s a chance that you may not get your dream job at the first try, so that means you’ll have to be resilient. You’ll still have to leave a little bit of optimism for trying out for other companies that you didn’t pick. More often than not, at this early stage in your career, it’s the company that picks you and not the other way around.

Need more job tips like these? If you need more opportunities in the IT industry, ictjob.ph is just a click away. Happy job hunting!

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