5 Personal Skills for Job Hunting


Have you heard of someone who graduated from a prestigious school and yet, has a hard time finding a job? More often than not, recruiters and hiring managers focus more on the person’s character and experience when hiring. Although of course, certain IT skills will get you hired on the spot, but what if you’re a fresh grad about to prove yourself? To help you out, here are a list of personal skills to help you on your journey.

When we say “optimistic”, it doesn’t mean we want you to always smile and go through your day like you’re on a caffeine high. It’s more of you, developing a mindset that whatever happens -- whether you get the job offer or not, you will remain positive that something better will come your way. It’s being nice to everyone to whom you talk to, even if they won’t give you a job offer, or even if the interview didn’t go well. When recruiters see that you’ve got this light shining inside you, it will be be pretty hard to ignore you.

You can include this in your personal skills to put in your resume. It’s not that you only need to persevere because you’re still in the middle of a job hunt, but you should develop this trait in terms of finishing whatever task, project, or exam that is in front of you. When you claim you’re very perseverant, it means that you won’t give up… no matter what.

Excellent verbal communication
Here’s another to add to the list of good skills to put on a resume: verbal communication skills. Just because you’re in IT, it doesn’t mean you can’t do public speaking, lead a meeting, or meet a client. Your verbal skills can make you standout among your peers, especially when you speak with confidence. Don’t be another regular IT dude in the room and use your voice!

Personal hygiene
Although this doesn’t exactly make the cut in the personal skills resume list, it wouldn’t hurt you and your reputation if you practiced great personal hygiene. It’s not as simple as brushing your teeth or showing up in an interview fresh from the shower. It’s actually putting on a little effort in your appearance (and smell) to look more than presentable even if it’s just an interview. Avoid looking like you just rolled off your bed to make it in the interview.

Yes, we’ve mentioned that you should be very confident with the way you handle yourself in interviews, but of course, it will never hurt your reputation if are humble AND respectful. Although you can’t put “I’m humble” in your CV -- which totally misses the point, you can never be too down-to-earth when it comes to treating the people around you -- be it the security guard on duty or the CEO of a company. Polish your character and leave a long, lasting impression -- even if they didn’t hire you. Let your CV speak for itself and don’t be too proud to take on new tasks, even if you have to start from the bottom.


We all need to work hard to achieve our dreams, and these personal skills will definitely quicken your progress along the way. If you wish to navigate the IT industry career better, ictjob.ph is the place to start. We’ve got a special skill matrix tool to help you create a spot-on resume that will help recruiters find you better. Get hired today.

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