5 Most Popular Programming Languages of 2016


It’s no secret. When you’re in the IT industry, everyone automatically assumes the pay is high and it’s somewhat guaranteed that you won’t be unemployed for long. The thing is, the IT world is broad, and in order to get hired even faster, you’d want to narrow down your job goals and aim for a specific job title--or in this case, you might want to know which programming language you should learn best to climb higher in your career ladder. So whether you’re a fresh grad, an IT person who just wants to add more programming languages in your skillset--here are five languages to master!



When Apple says “Think different”, they mean it. Last 2014, that’s exactly what they aimed to do by inventing their own programming language for iOS. Considering the mass appeal of high-end Apple products, it’s not a surprise when companies such as LinkedIn or American Airlines are using Swift. Even IBM uses Swift for its apps. Learn the ropes in this language now and you might earn the big bucks in the years to come!


Easy to learn, a clear syntax, and fast to program--those are but a few of the reasons why Python can be the programming language for you. It’s also cross platform, and comes with a rather concise documentation and all the necessary modules you’ll ever need. You can get several features from this program, such as objected oriented programming, procedural styles, and functional programming.


When it comes to Windows-based developing business applications, C# is pretty much considered default. Other things you can create with this language are XML Web services, distributed components, database applications, and client-server applications. In terms of job openings, there are more than 20,000 C# developer job posts worldwide.



With two decades under its belt, Java is a household name -- and a tech crowd fave for a reason. As mentioned mentioned in CIOInsight.com, it’s “secure, robust and relatively simple.” In fact, over 95% of enterprise desktops run this programming language. Hence, there are at least 9 million Java developers in the world. It’s safe to say that these developers are also one of the highest paid computer programmers around.



According to a survey done by Zona Research, Microsoft SQL Server remains as used by most companies. SQL is everywhere; for example, both iPhones and Androids can use SQLite, an SQL database. Other mobile apps made by popular companies such as Google or Skype also SQL. And from Indeed.com’s recent research, there are over 50,000 SQL programming jobs. Simply said, if you’re well-versed in SQL, you’ll never run out of options.


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