5 Tech Jobs That Did Not Exist 10 Years Ago



The continuous signs of technological innovation alarms certain groups that tech might be destroying human jobs and shifting to software or hardware. However, UK-based company Deloitte’s consultants managed to gather 140 years of data to debunk this concern. They observed that over the years, tech has created more jobs instead of destroying opportunities. For instance, tech saves you so much time in doing mundane tasks and this gives you time to do more productive things. It also opens more job opportunities to the local community. So, it is not surprising that technology has produced jobs that no one has ever imagined would exist a decade ago.


Here are five tech jobs that have been born in the past few years:


Cyber Threat Investigator

Who does not want to become an FBI agent? Imagine a job where you showcase your amazing shooting skills while catching the bad guys. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to feel the thrill of shooting and running just to end your prey. However, this time programming codes and frameworks will be your guns and bullets. Cyber Threat Investigators (CSI) serve as cops in guarding businesses against any form online threats. Any form of data in this age can already make or break a well-established business. This is why you’ll be programming the first line of defense against any security breaches. You’ll also be working with local and international law enforcement to advance your online security plans.


Odoo Developer 

Don’t get your hopes up in chasing your passions in business and IT career tracks. This new tech job has got your covered. As an Odoo Developer, you’ll basically become the meeting point of these two entirely different industries. You’ll be responsible for programming applications that work for accounting, billing, manufacturing, project management, purchasing, and even warehouse management. Fun fact: Odoo was once known as  OpenERP which stands for open enterprise resource planning. Don’t worry, developers confirmed that software will continue as an open-source tool despite the name change.


SAP ABAP Developer

It’s not surprising if you haven’t heard about it. This new tech job emerged after SAP SE, a German software company, produced a new programming language - Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP). It may seem like Odoo and SAP ABAP share the same features but they’re entirely different. They both aid business but SAP ABAP focuses more on forms, interfaces, reports, and data conversion.


iOS Developer

Smartphones are everywhere. There is no need to present any statistical evidence just to prove this argument. Also, you cannot deny the fact that you always see or use smartphones. All this demand for smartphones resulted to another tech job - iOS Developer. But it is not a stroll in the park to be part of Apple’s development team. You’ll need to upgrade your technologies and find your place in Swift since this is essential for iOS. You’ll be responsible for programming and maintaining their products through different platforms. Another special thing about Apple is their established software and hardware security. So, just imagine all the things you can share and improve on while working as an iOS developer.


Sharepoint Developer

The title is already a giveaway - a developer who programs in Sharepoint. And this time let us destruct the idea that developers remain only behind their screen. Sharepoint Developers are responsible for coding their way into solving real business problems. You’re not going to focus on one area, for instance, web development and that’s it. You’ll also end up interviewing clients and system users to test if you’re programs are right. Your programming skills will not be caged. You’ll have to move from developing scripts for code solutions to establishing taxonomies for business tools.

We can only look forward to more exciting IT jobs in the future, that’s for sure. If you’re stilll looking for other tech jobs, visit ICTjob.ph and learn about tech opportunities in the tech industry!

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