5 Things You Can Do Within Your Company to Advance Your Career

5 Things You Can Do Within Your Company to Advance Your Career


Every tech professional encounters a point in their career when they’re ready to move on from their current jobs to find a new one. It may be because you feel that there’s no career growth in your current role, or you feel that you’d fit in better on a different project or team, or you feel that you’d like to follow a career path that’s closer to your dream job.


Before you make any important decisions, it’s best to look at what your current company has to offer. After all, most of us look for and often experience career growth in our current organizations. There’s just a lot of opportunities, some you don’t even realize are there. Here are the best tips on what you can do to advance your career in your company.


Focus on Growth, Even When You’re Comfortable

There are a lot of reasons to be comfortable in your company. It could be the flexible working hours, or having to work in a great team, or having a good salary, or an overall amazing work environment. While these are all too good to be true, you might find yourself sitting in the middle of a comfort zone that hinders you from spreading your wings.


There’s nothing wrong with comfort and ease, but it’s more proactive if there’s still a driving force behind your career growth. You can keep yourself interested by staying updated with the latest news and trends in the industry. You can also stay relevant by pursuing to learn new technical skills for your personal (and your team’s) growth. Personal or “soft” skills are also something to work on and can definitely help you land better roles because of your personality. 


Hence, don’t apply to a new position if you know it’s going to be not challenging enough. It may sound good temporarily, but in the long run, growth triumphs over comfort — and it’s definitely more rewarding too!


Look into New Roles

Opportunities for career movement are always present within every company. The most common that pops into mind is promotions, but keep in mind that internal job postings are also something that you can consider. Hence, be active in finding out career opportunities within your company. There may be an open job position that may seem fit for you - even if it’s not higher than the position that you’re hoping for. Look into these and you might be surprised that some of them may provide you a better opportunity to advance your career - not just in a way that you’d initially thought.


Learn About the Requirements of Your Company

Even if there are rules that you have to adhere to before you can change job positions such as tenure, how your current role relates to the job position, as well as the approval and recommendations of your manager and supervisor — it’s still a must to keep an eye out for these in-house opportunities. If it’s not a change of roles, knowing your company requirements still gives you a fair advantage in the workplace, as you will find it easier to be proactive with your tasks, knowing they are aligned with your company needs.


Communicate with Your Manager

Being able to openly talk with your manager is something that you should have in your workplace. It’s important to build a healthy relationship early on so that your manager will be more likely to understand how they can help you grow in your career. You can avoid awkward conversations about switching jobs when they know about your personal goals, and chances are, they could even help you achieve it.


New Opportunities

In any case, growing your career is not limited to your current company. If you’d like to expand your horizons and want to experience a new working environment, finding job opportunities elsewhere is always a good option.


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