5 Tips to Hire the Best Tech Talent — Even when Competition is Tough!


With the variety and fast-paced growth of tech demands, it isn’t a surprise that the search for the best tech talents are just as cutthroat. As a recruiter, you know that losing potential candidates because of better offers is the norm — especially when they know how much their skills are worth in today’s market. So should you sit back and let the competition win? Of course not!

Here are a few tips to help you strategize and get those candidates to click on your application or better yet — sign your company’s offer!


  1. Know what you’re talking about
    If you’re a hiring manager, it’s best to have someone who has actual tech knowledge to be in charge of recruiting tech pros. Potential applicants know when their recruiter is clueless about the job description and vice versa — a tech recruiter would truly know if a candidate is the best fit for a post if he or she is familiar with the right terms — ones that aren’t just in the JD. You have to speak tech if you’re gunning for the real MVPs.

  2. Make connections
    It’s cliche but true... you have to step outside your comfort zone and get out there — literally! When you’re done with your recruiter task, you might want to attend job fairs or attend tech-related seminars. The really passionate ones for IT will be there and having them in your network will only be a plus. Be the dream opportunity they’ve been waiting for and hey, there’s nothing wrong with making more friends!

  3. Employee referrals
    Running out of leads? You should definitely restart your company’s employee referral program. Even if it’s an online world, you might be surprised to find out that there are tech pros who don’t have an active online presence. There might be those who are simply not interested in looking for a new job. However, these hard-to-get tech pros might have another weakness: their friends! Who doesn’t want to work with their friends anyway? Millennials, specifically, value these connections over monetary pay — especially if it means having a warm and fun workplace. Motivate your company employees to get their friends to join the team — you’ll have better chances of learning more about these potential tech talents, too.

  4. Utilize the online platform
    Did you know that FB groups are brimming with job seekers? Interns, specifically, roam Facebook IT groups and pages like it’s their playground. You don’t have to pretend you don’t use social media platforms when you’re on the job because you need it! You can follow people on Quorra, LinkedIn, Twitter, and basically all the social media streams where you will be able to interact with these talents.

  5. Get the marketing team into it too
    You have to admit it, some things you cannot do alone. Collaborate with your marketing department and see how they can help you push your ads better while keeping your brand in mind. They might be able to help bring a fresh perspective to your strategies. You can add images, get better and more compelling copy, and promoting it in the right avenues might help you target the right IT pros. 


Don’t let better offers (or better recruiters) get you down. Use these simple yet effective strategies and hire the best IT pros for your team. Finally, you can get your job posts seen by the best tech talents in the Philippines by partnering with ICTjob.ph.

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