5 Upcoming SEO Trends You Have to Know


You can create the best content, you can have the best website there is -- but all of that will be for naught if your website visibility is zilch. Your rank in search engines determines if consumers or potential clients will actually see your product or service. Hence, it’s only important that you should be aware of the latest SEO trends that will help boost your business performance!


Here are the top 5 SEO trends according to a poll conducted by SEO experts:

Mobile Optimization

Is it any secret that smartphones have been dominating in terms of internet usage all around the world. People use their mobile internet to shop, study, play games, and a lot more. Since phones are attached to everyone’s hands, it’s only right that your company or client website is optimised for mobile. You can expect better results in this bigger domain. That means you have to consider your page speed, avoid flash, a mobile-friendly site, avoid pop-ups, and of course, don’t block images or JavaScript.

Quality Content
When your site is reaching a lot of people or if you aim to go viral -- you have to acknowledge that content is still king. Fresh, original, and relevant content will make drive traffic to your site, and that’s only possible when your content is infused with the right, top-ranking keywords. Of course, you can just use keywords and use it with sub-par quality content, but if you’re expecting more people to flock to your site(s), the only way to engage them is by producing the best articles, graphics, photos, etc.

Voice Search

Hard keyboard is about to go extinct -- when it comes to smartphones and tablets, at least. That aside, there would be lesser need to touch the screen and create a more “conversational” relationship with their devices. Think of sci-fi movies or TV shows where everything is voice activated -- that’s how our future is going to be. Not only is this a necessity for the possibilities of a sci-fi dream come true, but it’s also to caters to people with health conditions or impairments or to those who are busy with their hands but still need to use their devices.  

When it comes to publishing your content, microformatting requires for your content to be more specific in order to reach more targets. This structured markup means that bits of code are inserted in your content, which in turn support the information on your site. This makes it easier for search engines to classify your data and send it to users post-search. In short, all the parts of your content are labeled. Hence, your listing isn’t just solely dependent on your URL, description, or title, but it makes ALL parts of your content valuable and searchable information. This is especially efficient and beneficial for websites that has product reviews, articles, events, and locations they want to show in their site.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most significant and relevant artificial intelligence machines is RankBrain by Google. Basically, this will give users a smoother and more specific search experience. With AI, the search engine would be able to suggest possible queries after the initial search itself. This is great news for search marketers, as artificial intelligence would give the chance to focus on specific aspects that will focus on enriching the customer experience -- instead of say, just optimising meta description. More in-depth strategies would have to be applied going forward, such as Click-Through-Rate on SERPs, how to enhance user engagement on pages, and including a schema markup to the website.

The road to better SEO never ends and so is the learning process! Do you have any suggested SEO trends? Which of these do you think would be the frontrunner of trends? For the latest tips and updates in the tech industry, and for more IT opportunities, visit ictjob.ph for more!

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