5 Useful Tech Blog Developers You Should Follow

One of the admirable things in the developer community is the initiative to help one another. This is why a number of blogs and news portals are popping from time to time. And because we like to help you get all the aide you need--especially to increase your chances in improving your ict jobs performance, ICTjob.ph has compiled five developer blogs that you should read! No need to look anywhere else because here are the blogs you’re looking for.

Six Revision
Six Revision is not your ordinary developer blog. If you haven’t visited this, make it your life mission to click this page after your today’s shift. Six Revision is the cross between a news portal and an online blog. You’ll get up-to-date tech news while enjoying tutorials and tips from experts in the field. And for the exciting part, most of their articles are about the world of developers. So, the existence of the entire blog is basically designed just for you.  


Calling all Android noobs! The universe has been so kind that there’s a blog just for you. Love for Android is what made and makes the blog going according to the developers. They publish anything that is under android’s features and functionalities. If you’re still grasping your way around this technology, the Androidhive is just the right place to begin. You can access step-by-step tutorials from beginners to experts. You may also get updated with the latest trends in android technology.

Code Simplicity
Complexity is stupid. Simplicity is smart. From their name alone, it is quite obvious that the blog is their living with these mantras. Max Kanat-Alexander, the developer behind Code Simplicity, is a software engineer at Google and currently has a published book under his name. He wants you to see beyond the complexity of coding which normal people usually perceive. His blogs will allow you to see how he condense coding issues for you to easily handle them. And plus, you’ll witness some personal notes about his work in Google.  

Joel on Software
Have you heard of StackExchange? Or are you familiar with Fog Creek Software? One of the people behind these innovations designed a blog for his developer endeavors. Unlike other programmers, he has been in the blogging community for 21 years already. So, you can expect more engaging and quality blog entries from the developer. He covers almost everything in the developer world, from software news to cybersecurity topics. You may also have coaching sessions via his blog entries for noobs and knowledge expanding topics for experts.

Coding Horror
Another StackExchange co-founder is blessing the developer community with another blog. You’ll definitely find Jeff Atwood’s blog amusing since he is more of a personal blogger than a tech one. Of course, you can read programming tutorials which are expected of a developer blog, but he talks mostly to the human side of you. You’ll find his entries more relatable compared to other blogs since he focuses on the personal struggles of a developer while addressing coding issues at the same time. If you’re up for a more chill tech blog, then visit his website.

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