5 Ways to Become an Awesome Data Scientist


Dubbed by Harvard Business Law as “The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”,


Being a data scientist is very much in demand. There is a shortage this job post in the market despite its necessity.

There is a shortage of data scientists in different industries. The number shows no signs of decreasing since there is no university who offers it as a college degree. And this why it is also dubbed as the sexiest job of the 21st century by the Harvard Business Law. If you wish to become sexy in the industry, then consider these points.



  • Invest in statistics, mathematics, machine learning, and computer programming


Data science is a matrimony of statistics, mathematics, machine learning, and computer programming. There is no way you can escape these fields and become a great data scientist. If this is the road you are willing to take, then start taking advance courses in these fields. Some even consider taking postgraduate degrees in any of these fields just to advance in the industry. Massachusetts Institute of Technology,  Stanford University, and John Hopkins University are just some of the educational institution that can give you a good start-up. Also, online courses are also admirable and they offer online courses via Stanford Online or Coursera.



  • Attend bootcamps and meetups with well-experienced data scientists


There is no better way than learning from the experts themselves. For you to interact with them personally, boot camps and meetups are your best options. Boot camps are beneficial for you since you can be trained by experts in the field and share your experiences. Maybe, just maybe, you will end up enlightening them with areas of data science you are good at too. These options will also bring you to the biggest question in your entire career: is this really what I want?



  • Love problem-solving


You are married to problem-solving. If you want to become a data scientist, then the only way to realize it is to share the same bed with problem-solving. This is the core of the career path that you are about to take. You will analyze huge data. You will have to interpret a process. You will have to make raw data digestible to the mass. All of these tasks boils down to a single objective. It is to solve problems. If you see that you cannot even solve your own problems and yet you have to deal with others then rethink your resolve.


  • Study data interpretation and presentation


Mastering the labyrinth within huge data is not enough to pursue this career. You have the mission to establish your data interpretation and presentation skills. In other words, data munging is your  way of life. This is the process of making scientific data digestible for non-experts. You are the bridge of between non-experts and raw data so make your journey worthwhile. Meanwhile, data visualization and reporting serve as your means of presenting data science. Excellent data interpretation can only give you so much and this calls for honing your data presentation skills. You can use any method as long as you can make them understand scientific data.



  • Participate in data science competitions


You have done enough to make your way to becoming a data scientist. But the journey is nowhere near its conclusion. You need to test how much you have mastered your skills. You also need to identify what are the areas you still need to improve. So, test your skills. Take a leap. Join in different competitions in data science. This is the only way for you to know where your progress in the industry. Never stop challenging yourself. Always remember: practice, practice, and practice.


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