5 More Websites to Learn How to Code for Free

5 More Websites to Learn How to Code for Free


Importance of Code
Code is a language like any other. It’s used by computers to communicate with the user or with other computers. Code serves as the backbone of Information Technology.


Here are 5 Sites that can teach code for beginners:


  1. Code Academy
    Code Academy is great for beginners because it starts its lessons from scratch and teaches the concepts of code like merging and sort all the way to more complex topics like JavaScript. It works as an instruction platform where all you need to do is to follow the instructions to fully understand the code you are studying.

    The languages offered are: HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, Ruby and Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Java, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL and Git.

  2. Khan Academy
    Khan Academy is good for beginners and also good for people to find a job over time. This is because when a beginner learns how to code, he or she advances, therefore becoming intermediate coders. This means he or she can apply what they have learned by teaching beginners in the Khan Academy portal (Just click the-Teacher Starts Here Portion of the Website-)

    The languages offered are: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Animations, Website Development, Game Development.

  3. CodeWars
    CodeWars is an online platform to learn how to code better. The twist is that you are challenged each day with exercises that make you think. Whether you are a beginner coder or an intermediate coder, you can improve your skills through the Japanese art of Kata to challenge or sharpen your skills. The Japanese believe in mastery in any craft you do and it is portrayed with the learning style here in CodeWars.

    The languages offered are: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Java, Ruby, Python, C#,Clojure.

  4. Coursera
    Coursera is a platform to learn how to code for free that are taught by an assortment of professors from different universities around the world. There are around 1733 courses to choose from that give different values to the beginner coder based on what field the future programmer wants to get into. There are certificate courses that are offered on Coursera; however, they have charges ranging from $30 (PHP 1,565) to $100 (PHP 5,200). 

    The languages offered are: Big Data, SQL, Python, Robotics.

  5. Freecodecamp
    Freecodecamp is also an online platform to learn how to code through video tutorials and also gives you challenges as a group. This website is a non-profit organization that aims to educate people about code while connecting them together by letting you find other coders living in your given city.

    The languages offered are: JavaScript, HTML5, Git and GitHub, Databases, D3.js, Node.js, CSS3.


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