6 Mistakes to Avoid as Web Designers


You cannot finish a website in a day. It would probably take you days in order to create an efficient one. But it would be so disappointing to know that after your sleepless nights, your users do not find your website helpful at all. Some web designers forget that the target market of their website is not themselves. The objective of your website is to draw in users and address their needs. Failure to consider their needs may result to not helping them at the end. To avoid this, you may want to take note of mistakes commonly made by web designers.


Creating a website’s design without looking at the content first

Your objective is to send the information to your users smoothly. However, some web designers are too excited to execute their ideas while forgetting to consider the content first. Do not create your website if you’re clueless about the message you or your clients want to convey. First, learn the objective of your website, target audience, and the content for each landing page. This way, you’ll be able to visualize the appropriate interface that can help your users easily navigate the website while grasping the information you posted.

Putting a different design in every page

It’s easy to get carried away in terms of showcasing your talents, especially for first-time web designers. Remember: consistency is your way of life; after all, your company did not hire you if you weren’t already good enough. When it comes to web designing, there should be uniformity. This helps establish your company’s brand while making sure your audience would not get confused by different interfaces.

Neglecting the value of search engines

A website will always have first-time visitors. Hence, it’s your duty to make sure that they can navigate through the website without any trouble. Placing a good search engine on your website can help out your users to help them locate what they need with ease. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to include a search engine and make sure it performs with precision.

Forgetting the role of whitespace

It’s a crime to ignore the value of whitespace. Don’t be so indulged in designing to the point where your whitespace literally has no space at all. Users need breathing space to navigate your website; a info-crowded website might bore or exhaust your users. 

Overlooking the feature where the link’s color changes after clicking it

It is vital to help your users find what they are looking for; it’s the only way to make them appreciate and visit your website again. It’s important for users to know whether they’ve already visited a link or not, and this is possible through the link color change. If they keep revisiting the link, they might go through navigational disorientation, or worse--irritation!  

Forgetting to check website interface for all devices

Technology evolution shows no signs of stopping. As a website designer, you have the obligation to adjust with recent technology upgrades. Right now, your users already have all sorts of ways in order to connect to the internet. Mobile phones, laptop, personal computers, tablets, and other technologies use to stay connected are continuously popping here and there. In no time, your audience might even start accessing your website via their wrist watch or even at their office’s glass door. In other words, you need to check if your websites work correctly in today’s technology. The interface should always be user-friendly on every platform.  

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