6 Tips to Recover from a Career Slump


You’re always unsatisfied with your work. You may be receiving a good paycheck, but it doesn’t motivate you to go to the office. And most of the time, you usually spend time thinking what’s your next excuse will be for your fourth leave this quarter. If this is happening to you, you may need to reflect and assess whether you’re experiencing boredom or a legit career slump. Don’t beat yourself up over this and consider these tips to help you get back on track:

Tip 1: Name it

Most of the time, employees who suffer from career slumps fail to see that it is actually happening to them. Such may be the case for you. It’s normal to be in denial; it’s difficult to recognize the fact that you’re experiencing a work burnout. Once you’ve defined the reality of your situation, then would you be able to make a choice to do something about it. Don’t beat up yourself over this dilemma and remember: it’s okay to not be okay.  

Tip 2: Define your triggers

What caused this career slump? On your next lunch break, sit in a coffee shop and write the possible reasons. Consider calling a friend or colleague to help you determine the root causes of your job slump. Is it your noisy officemates? Your temperamental boss? Or is it the long commute hours?  Or is it that you’re going through a personal struggle at home? Only through this can you find not only the right solutions, but the solutions that work.

Tip 3: Appreciate the value of a work-life balance

You may have been eating programming languages three times a day. For breakfast, you are digesting PHP programming then python programming for lunch.  Sometimes you also have an animation sideline for dinner. If you can relate to this, you’re simply forgetting that there is more to life than work. Earning money for your welfare is good, but if you are sacrificing your mental and emotional stability--it might be wise to reassess your priorities. Have a break in the office. Give time for things that you love to do. Finish the book you’ve been meaning to read. Play or listen to music that gives you good feels. Go out for a hike and explore the world.

Tip 4: Seek social support
You cannot overcome this on your own. No matter how many times you tell yourself that you are  better off without others, you are not. Your recovery from this career slump is just as important to the people that you love as it is to you. Share what you are going through with your family and friends. They will help you every step of the way to get you back on track. If you have a good relationship with your boss, you may also consider telling him that you’re losing your drive in computer programming. You don’t know yet but he may end up giving you free courses in programming to reawaken your passion.


Tip 5: Begin again in small successes

One of the reasons for your career slump is maybe you’ve stopped appreciating your small achievements. You’ve long stopped telling yourself, “You’ve fixed your database today. You did great.” And this happens not just in the workplace, but you stop feeling fulfilled when you get up for your Sunday morning run. You’re always thinking too much to the point of disregarding the small good things you do along the way. Take a step back and remind yourself that every successful person started somewhere small before.


Tip 6: Challenge yourself again!

You’ve learned so much in your years in the industry which makes you feel like you have studied everything. You may even have mastered your position as a JavaScript or C++ programmer and this might make you feel like going to work is the worst mundane obligation. That’s why you need to level up your game. You need to continuously challenge yourself. You may start expanding your horizons through mastering other programming languages. You may also want to consider exploring an entirely different field. You need to establish everyday challenges in order to shake your work routine. Finding new challenges that excite us is always the key to success.


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