7 Factors That Make You Lose a Job Prospect


There are so many reasons why you didn’t get that job, even if you think you did well in the interview. Instead of losing sleep over the reasons of your unemployment, here possible reasons why losing a job offer seems to becoming a staple in your job hunting adventure.


A shabby resume or cover letter
Has it been days, but you still haven’t heard from a recruiter? Let’s say you had a walk-in application and still didn’t get an interview slot? It might be that you have a subpar CV or resume, or worse -- a badly written cover letter (or you don’t have one). We’ve said it so many times, but we’ll say it again, but these items are the initial things that recruiters will look at to judge your profile. If these don’t impress them -- seeing as this dictates your dedication and interest in the open job post, they wouldn’t bother interviewing you.


You had a bad interview
Potential job losses mostly happen after the interview, as recruiters mostly can tell if they’re going to hire someone during the interview. If you didn’t come prepared, you came in late, you don’t know what’s in your CV -- you can’t expect to impress anyone to hire you. At times, even if you’re qualified for the job, recruiters won’t bother to refer you to a hiring manager if you didn’t bother to make an effort in the interview.

A crazy asking price
Although everyone knows that IT pros are supposedly paid a high salary, it’s still safe to ask for a decent price that won’t scare a potential employer away. Hence, you better have the qualifications, certifications to show that you do deserve that price you’re asking for. Employers also consider your experience, so if they find someone who has the same experience as you, and is asking for a lower price than yours -- your chances would decline unless you managed to blow their minds with your skills. To be safe, it’s best to have a salary range in mind (for example, P25,000 - P30,000) and if you really want to work for the company, always say you’re willing to negotiate. If you can’t get the price you want, you can try to ask for other perks to make the deal worth it for both parties.

Unstable job history
Let’s say you’ve got the certifications, a great interview, and your asking price is just right, and you even met the hiring manager, but they still told you they’d give you a call to update you of your application status… Later on, you realize you didn’t get the job offer. It’s time to reassess your previous work experience -- how many companies have you worked for the past few years? If you’ve been employed only for a few months, it’s already a red flag to recruiters. Whatever your reasons may be, all they could see is someone who doesn’t know how to keep a job or doesn’t know what he or she wants in life. Stability is key; IT companies want to hire someone who will stay.

You’re switching careers
Another factor that may lead to losing a job offer might be due to the fact that most of your previous job experiences are completely unrelated to the IT field. This change of direction -- especially if you are unable to explain or justify why you’re doing it, might come across as instability and indecisiveness. If this is your reason for applying for an IT job, be sure to have a solid and passionate reason to win the recruiter over. And of course, you’ve got to have the skills to match your plans.

Too much or too little interest
When recruiters tell you that they will update you after the interview, it’s not an automatic brush off or rejection. Sometimes, bosses really do have appointments and can’t do an interview for the day. And even if they do decide to consider someone else before hiring you, it’s not the end of the line. Unless, of course, you become too obsessed with the job to the point of annoying the recruiter. Don’t bombard them with texts or calls, considering they’re very busy people. On the other hand, you might miss your chance if you don’t bother to ask for an update. Play it safe and ask for a specific time (especially right after an interview) you can get an update from them, especially if they’re unable to give you a specific schedule. You can still ask for an update via text, call, or email, but give it a day or two -- and stay off their backs for the weekend.


You’ve put all your eggs in one basket
Another reason you may not be employed right now is simply because you’re not sending enough CVs out there. Did you stop applying because you’re still waiting for that one company to respond to you? It’s time to review your CV and check for more hiring IT companies out there! Sometimes, recruiters have to know they’re in a competition to hire you for their company. This also shows how determined you are in getting hired.

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