7 Fundamental Tech Job Interview Tips


Preparation is key when you want to ace your tech job interview. Hence, you’ve got to know which questions are coming your way before you step in. Don’t let a bad interview get in the way of a great job opportunity. Navigate your way through the IT interview questions with these tips!


Speak up!
It’s time to be a little vocal and bring out your talkative side. Break out of the stereotype that just because you’re IT, you should be quiet or an introvert. You don’t have to pretend to like to talk, but recruiters always look for someone who has something important to say. Someone who can say exactly what they want to communicate.


That being said,  avoid the one-word/short phrases answer to questions. A simple “yes” and “no” wouldn’t do. Remember, your CV has the facts. It’s time to win the interviewer with your charm. An interview is a way for the interviewer to check on your personality and how well you would be able to talk to other people in your potential team.

Don’t be a poser.
Believe it or not, there are desperate candidates who write skills on their CV that they don’t really know. This may work before (and learn on the job along the way), but nowadays, tech recruiters know exactly if you know what you’re talking about. If they sense that you are babbling about a skill -- or worse, a program that you know nada about, you can bet you won’t land that job. Save yourself the trouble and instead of pretending to be someone you’re not, improve your skillset, get more IT certifications to make sure you’re extra qualified for any job you apply to.

Guide the convo
Speaking of seasoned interviewers, you might have already encountered a recruiter who always catches you off-guard with a hard question that leaves you flustered and struggling for words. To avoid these impromptu situations, take control of the interview. As we said in point no.1, you must speak up, because it’s the only way you can “steer” the conversation to where you want it to go. Talk about your skills, talk about the responsibilities you’re confident of taking on.

Show your enthusiasm and work from there
Sometimes, you’re really going to encounter a job position that would seem entirely too ambitious for you. Instead of showing your insecurities or lack of specific IT skills, thereof, at least look like you’re so excited to give the company your service. Emphasize your willingness to learn, the minor backgrounds you’ve had in that area, and remember… keep things down to earth. There’s nothing like hiring a humble, hardworking, and passionate employee.  

Unleash your inner nerd/geek
Gone are the days when the workplace is just supposed to be a strict environment. No fun allowed. In the tech world, despite in all our seriousness, we know how to have fun! When the interviewer asks you about yourself, don’t be afraid to  put your nerd or geek glasses on. Chances are, you’re going to be working with like-minded people. Be it gaming, shows, robotics, or some tech-related hobby you enjoy -- this can harden the seemingly icy walls of a recruiter’s professional facade.

Ask not what they can do…
It’s a repetitive quote from a former US president, but it’s true even when you’re job hunting. It’s not about what the company can do for you. It’s about what YOU can do for the company. Once a recruiter sees that you’re focused on showing them that you want to work for them, that you’ll be a valuable asset to them, and you’re not applying just for the perks or the salary -- you might just win them over when the interview is over.


Don’t let difficult tech job interview questions put you down. Keep on practicing, prepare beforehand, and step into that interview with confidence!

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