7 Tech Lingos You Have to Learn


Of course--everyone knows that some tech terms have become everyday expressions “Google” has become synonymous to web surfing or research, and 404 is known for error and SPAM is no longer just canned luncheon meat. However, tech is always evolving and if you’re new to it, you might be missing out on terms that will more or less help in your tech job.


Don’t be out of the loop and know the “inside” talk with these 7 words!


Internet of Things (IoT)

It basically means how everything is now connected to and be controlled through the Internet, be it the appliances in your home or your car. As described in this article, IoT brings “the Digital Age into its most proficient form”. 



Think Hansel & Gretel, where they left a trail of breadcrumbs to keep track of where they’re going, the same concept applies when it’s used in tech. It’s basically a top navigation menu where you will be able to identify where you are and quickly go back to where you came from. For instance, the top menu might have: Home > IT Jobs by Category > Latest postings > HTML



This is to turn or transform something into a digital file that can be used in the computer. This can be a book (hence, PDFs and e-Books), recorded songs, or printed photographs. 



If a client asks you for something in “hi-res”, it automatically means that he or she wants it in high resolution. This means that when you zoom in the photo, it does not pixelate or become blurry and maintains its colors and high definition.


In terms of online marketing, engagement means how much users interact in social media. For instance, this could be retweeting on Twitter or liking posts on Facebook. As long as people don’t ignore your posts, it means your social media activity is engaged. 



This term simply means modifying the website so that visitors will eventually be customers. This means making the website and all its components completely functional, from the keywords, to the links, to all their respective uses. 

Front End/Back End Development

Front end development means working on part of the website that is visible to the users. This means CSS and HTML. On the other hand, back end development refers to the website’s functionality. This is where the applications, databases, and web servers come in.

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