7 Tech Skills to  Boost Your Salary


Are you an IT programmer with a regular tech job with regular pay? Whether you’re a new or an existing Oracle programmer or a website developer, you might wonder if there are even more ways to boost your salary. PayScale President of Data Analytics mentioned that basic skills needed for tech jobs are already in demand. However, specialized skill sets will bring you further. Your specialization in a certain field encourages IT companies to pay you more. If you are considering to boost your salary, there are seven skill sets that can help you out!
Algorithm Development


Algorithm development is a form mathematical process that aims to solve a problem. This skill can help you anticipate what are the possible problems that can occur while running a program. Understanding the algorithm of a program may also help you develop a new program that can address these problems. 


DevOps (development operations) automates the software delivery and infrastructure changes while providing a platform for collaboration between software developers and IT professionals. Skills in DevOps can boost your salary by 15.6 percent. 


Django is a web development framework written in Python. It observes model-view-template architectural patterns that support you in web development. The target of Django is to provide an easy way of creating database-driven websites. Instagram and Pinterest are just two examples of websites that use this framework. Proficiency with the Python-based framework can give you a 20.1 percent salary boost. 

Apache Hive

Apache Hive is an SQL-based form of a data warehouse software solution. The software provides data summarization, query, and analysis of large datasets placed in Hadoop files. As a senior software engineer with additional skills in Apache Hive, you can get a 17.3% boost in your salary.


Usually applied via building user interfaces, React.js is an example of an open source JavaScript library. Facebook and Instagram depend on this open source library to maintain their websites. Specializing in this area can give you a 24.5 percent salary boost as a senior software engineer.   


The Database serves as a collection of information where computers can access and manage them easily. There are four types of database: bibliographic, full-text, numeric, and images. You may be able to see sales transaction, inventories, customer profiles, and other information in a database. Developers who do well in Database can experience a 15.2% boost in their salary. 


Designed to fix Java’s shortcomings, Scala was born, and has since been known as a form of general-purpose programming language. Scala also serves as a language of frameworks such as Apache, Spark, Kafka, and Akka. Adding this to your resume can boost your salary by 29.3%.
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