7 Tips for Successful Job Ads


Here in ICTjob.ph, we’re continuously trying to look for ways to make it easier not only for IT pros, but for tech recruiters as well. In this age of tech, you can’t go wrong when you do job postings -- especially in popular job listing sites. If candidates notice that you didn’t give your ads much thought, they’re most likely to pick another post over yours.

To make sure that these tech experts won’t ignore your efforts, check out these tips for recruiters for posting job ads.


Titles must be SEO-optimized
Keywords can be very tricky. The phrases or keywords you know that fit a job post will be something that the entire talent pool will know. If you want candidates to start sending in their online applications by the bulk, you’ve got to make sure all the keywords you use are Google friendly. Thankfully, Google Adwords can help you out in this area -- in terms of relevance and visibility. You can search for high volume searches for specific IT jobs that people are applying for. If you’re unfamiliar with using the Keyword Planner tool, best to have an SEO specialist on board to help you out. As a simple tip, it’s best to keep ads simplified, with only 2-3 words on the title, and if possible, no other non-text distractions (-, /, *, etc.).

Maximize your smartphone use
When you’re aiming high, you’ve got to go the extra mile and, well, use your personal accounts in social media to promote IT job postings. As you know, Filipinos are very into their smartphones, and they’re most likely to check on replies and updates on their phone -- or specifically, job apps. When you incorporate your personal touch to this very direct approach, you will be able to build a bigger network.

Promise AND deliver
Did you provide pre or post application steps for the candidates and you said you were going to update them of their status? Did you say you would call them at a specific time? Best stay true to your word. Your sincerity for their application -- be it a success or not, will reflect the company’s character. Don’t treat a candidate like a number and put yourself in their shoes.

Always include a CTA
Call to Actions give your job ad an intent of communicating directly to the candidate, and spurring them into actually sending in their CVs. It’s not enough to just post job details or job descriptions. A CTA can give your ad a sense of urgency and a personal approach to the candidate. Readers in general are automatically drawn to ads that talk to them (and tell them what to do). Remember, when writing CTAs, keep it short, straight to the point, and positive.

Simplify your life
Honestly, you don’t want your job ads to go to waste -- especially if you’ve applies all tips 1 to 4. If you want to make sure your IT-specific listings are seen by specific IT pros who have the potential you’re looking for, you’re reading in the perfect website. Sign up with us and avoid all the unnecessary hassle. Partner with us and get the best tech candidates in the biz. ICTjob.ph, the only tech job portal in the country, has a growing talent pool of IT professionals as you read.

When you want to hire the best pros for your company’s tech jobs, you’ve got to give it your best shot too. Apply these recruiting tips now and sign with ICTjob.ph!

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