7 Types of IT Pros

7 Types of IT Pros

IT professionals may be lumped together as “the IT guys”, but each of them is unique! It’s not just in the way they present themselves, but in the way they actually work and solve problems. You might even find one of the descriptions below in your team. Check if you can spot any of these IT types in your office:



The Fixer. This person always knows how to fix it — be it a knot of cables or a complicated server problem. They are the miracle worker of the complicated, but for some reason, they’re only good with the hard issues and sweats it on the easy, mundane tasks. They’re rather convenient geniuses if you can call them that.  

The Messiah. This one’s an occasional “fixer”, but this person saves you in more ways than one. They are the one who’s always willing to go the extra mile — including putting in the extra hours and working on holidays. They take the hits just so you and your team could enjoy special non-working holidays. What’s even greater about this person is they do it out of their own free will!

The Prof. They won’t be lecturing you on code because you already know that, but you’ll be hearing endless lessons on the latest game, TV series, or cult movie that they’re watching. They’re the ultimate geek of a particular <insert hobby here>. Who are we kidding? Of course, they are going to lecture you on all kinds of code too.

The Magician. The peculiar thing about this IT person is that they manage to go through their tasks and codes using unconventional ways. Sure, their secret strategies may fail more often than not, but they manage to make it work often too. They’re the emergency guy when the “fixer” isn’t around.

The New Techie. The new techie has always a new strategy, new code, new skill, new shoes. They want to share his newest ideas in terms of revolutionizing systems and code. They don’t really care for “old” or traditional ways. They may not get along with everyone else because they want to do things differently. Their IT manager should have the patience and tact to help this person grow and eventually revolutionize the workplace.

The Nooblet. They’re always on their feet, fixing minor and basic problems on the company floor. They could be the intern or the new hire, but they’re passionate and eager to be part of the team. Whatever you do, never underestimate these noobs because they could be the team’s…

The Underdog. They might have shown weak points at first, but in time, they’re rolling with the punches AND giving back more than they receive. This person is on a constant quest to improve themselves, whether it’s learning more code and developing their people skills. They might still make mistakes, but they are always more than willing to make up for it.


Can you spot any of these people on your team? Are you any of these IT Pros? For more fun reads like these, explore our Tech Blogs. In ICTjob.ph, you can also find the latest IT opportunities that will change your life!


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