Apps & Software for Graphic Designers: 2017 Edition Part 1


It’s easy to get comfortable with the programs you are currently using but you’re missing out on a long list of mediums to expand your repertoire and even make your whole process easier. Don’t stop with just Canva or Pixlr, see what else 2017 has to offer you. This just might be the year of your masterpiece.

Below is a list of apps you can invest in or get for free that can really rev up your engine. Also, as a graphic artist, it’s only a must to know the latest updates in terms of design.


When you think that an app can’t get any better, it does.


Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe’s cluster of programs need no lengthy introduction. Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are just a few of these apps that have been the staples for Creatives everywhere for good reason. If you don’t already have any of their apps on your computer, how have you even made it this far? From lighting a photograph, publishing a cookbook, to rendering 3D objects or minimalist vectors--Adobe's your go-to software.  Now, Adobe is upping their game with more in store.


Ramping up their product for 2016 is the Adobe Creative Cloud which let you sync up all your creative projects with all your devices. Now you can edit your work right the moment genius hits with your phone in the train, or your iPad by the mall.  Not only that, they will also give you the option to access premium stock you can play with. No need to worry about out-of-date programs, because you will be hooked up with update patches by setting you up with a number of subscription plans available. There are different plans or different needs and budgets, from the hobbyist photographer to the graphic artist who pushes the borders.


For the Artist on the Go


Still, as great as Adobe is, it can sometimes feel like work because of all the loading and saving times. Processes which are understandable given their heavy duty work, but sometimes, you just want to draw! Or sometimes, you need something fast and streamlined. Here are apps that can help you with that:


Autodesk Sketchbook


Like Photoshop on wheels, Autodesk Sketchbook allows you nearly reach same depth you can reach with a desktop or laptop but on your phone or ipad with its familiar tools for brush, color and that wildcard symmetry tool. Optimized for the pressure sensitive Apple Pencil and Apple iPad Pro, if you’re still using a separate tablet for your works, this might revolutionize your tool of the trade.


If you upgrade, you will be surprised what this app can do for you. It will not only allow you to layer, and get custom brushes, it will also unleash more powerful tools you didn’t think you can do with a mobile device. Unleash the Flipbook Animation Toolset that can give you animation with a standard film resolution and Perspective Tool which can take out the guesswork when plotting your pieces. And as with all contemporary apps, you get multiplatform support.


Tayasui Sketches


This versatile and user friendly rendering app has the most realistic brushes that come with their basic, free package. Upgrading gives you more brushes and more options to toggle them such as thickness and opacity. A great deal with this Tayasui App is also it’s quick save feature, but also the gesture-based undo buttons that can save any artist’s life. This extremely stylus friendly app will let you make “watercolor” paintings without the water. It can even make it look as if you usd special watercolor paper as it gives you options for paper grains. Really, it’s an artist’s dream in their pocket.


Our list doesn’t end there!


This 2017 Round-up just isn’t finished. Click here to go to part 2, that’s a list of apps for creatives you can get absolutely for free. Whether you’re a graphic designer or a web developer who’s got an eye for art, these apps will surely help you out! For more tips like these, stay tuned to the’s Tech Blogs!


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