Best IT jobs Review: Full-Time Job or Freelancing?


Given the country’s heavy traffic situation, more and more people are starting to open up to work from home opportunities. It seems like an ideal set-up; no need to wake up in the wee hours of the morning, no need to dress-up (or take a bath) -- the pros just seem to go on and on. In this Internet age, remote or virtual IT related jobs are also up for grabs with just a simple Google search.


What are the benefits of freelance IT jobs?

We’re not going to shy away from the truth -- freelance work does have its perks. You work on your own terms and no one is exactly hovering over you. There are also a lot of opportunities to work with international clients, and if you’ve got the right skills they need -- getting a high-paying job is definitely a possibility. When you work IT contract jobs, you can work whenever and wherever you want. When you put in the effort, you can work on different projects and meet different people.

Why get a full-time job then?

Freelance jobs won’t work in the long run unless you go the extra mile… all the time. It’s not that you have the right to slack off in a regular job. Being in a regular job has all the elements to keep you doing your job even if you’re not in the mood to do it. That’s something part time jobs can’t offer you -- consistency, routine, and stability. You don’t have to worry about your project being canceled overnight. Although you may think that a regular IT job will become boring, take note that you will have access to more people and connections, new brands and clients, and most of all -- a regular paycheck.Think paid holidays, benefits packages, and company holidays and parties.


What is the right kind of job for you?


When it comes to your career, it’s about thinking ahead. What will benefit not only your career, your skills, but your future? Are you going to be able to sustain a freelance lifestyle if you pursue IT consultant jobs? On the other hand, would you be able to do your best at a regular job to avoid being pigeonholed in your post? Consider these factors before making this life-changing decision.


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