Brilliant Perks to Offer Tech Pros


How do you recruit tech pros who already have it good in other companies? What if they’re already being paid their usual high rates? Or let’s say an IT manager is applying for your company… What makes you sure that he or she would actually sign your job offer? What makes your offer better than the other, especially when the salary is higher from the other company?

Reminding the candidates of their new authority and value isn’t enough, and when you know you can’t continue to raise the salary offer -- you’ve got to offer them something else. Nowadays, the workforce is looking for more than just the usual perks like free meals or free gym memberships. Those are good ideas too, but you’ve got to have an edge over the competition!

More than just signing bonuses and a flexible schedule -- here are fresher ideas and perks you might want to suggest to the company and hiring manager. With these, you’ll be able to land the best IT professionals.


Investment Opportunities

Think retirement plans, better health insurance, stocks -- these things are what will get your prospective employee interested to sign for your company. When they see that you are willing to help out not only their present employment but their future concerns, they won’t hesitate to give your job offer a second thought.

Housing Allowance

How about going the extra mile and offer a housing allowance for your employee? This is especially attractive for people have relocated from the province. Giving them this option may guarantee his or her loyalty knowing that his salary partially covers renting expenses. This is quite a unique offer and would definitely set you apart from other companies.

Paid Sabbaticals

Millennials are known to prefer experiences over material possessions. Give them this perk and you’ve probably got yourself a deal. The workplace can be toxic at times, and IT pros aren’t immune to that. This is a great offer especially for employees who are loyal to the company. This is a great way to avoid burnout and from people taking breaks from their career. When you want to keep good people on board, you have to think that they’re more than just a number and value them as real people with personal lives who function more than just their roles in the office. This goes for paid sick days too.  

Performance Bonuses

Financially rewarding great work will always be a strong motivator for employees. Give them this perk and you might get over-performers on your team. If not financial bonuses, incentives and out of town trips can also count. Also, can you imagine the publicity the company will be getting from word-of-mouth alone? People would be quick to refer your company’s generosity for their employees.


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