How to Build Experience for Your First Tech Job


Don’t go in unprepared for your first job application!


Are you a tech student? Fresh off college? If you want to avoid the “We’re hiring fresh grads but need someone with experience” applications — or the simple look of judgment from recruiters when they ask you why you don’t have any tech background, this is the read for you. We always say this: your CV is your power. It’s your marketing tool, especially when you’re doing online applications. If you want potential employers to take notice of you and if you want to stand out from the rest — you have to check the steps below:  



  • Study online
    Did you know that there are free resources where you can learn code in your own time and pace? If you wish to truly develop your coding skills — other than the lessons you take in university, why not learn online? It’s the best way to learn new code or learn about more up-to-date languages that aren’t in your curriculum.

  • Code on your own
    Have you tried building an app on your own? Or creating your own website from scratch? Instead of playing online games, how about you try creating your own game? When you find work, you’ll realize you won’t be as “free” as you were when you were still a student. Take advantage of your hours and be productive instead!

  • Do freelance work
    Are you confident enough in your IT skills? Might as well get paid for them! If you want to get a preview of what’s about to happen when you find work, try having a part-time job. You can find IT jobs online or volunteer. Sure, the pay might not be as big, but you will be able to gauge the projects based on your free time.

  • Connect to other tech pros
    While you’re building your CV, you can also use this time to network and apprentice under certain tech pros. Sometimes, even meeting them is enough. Learn their name, ask what they do, and ask for advice. The best insights and wisdom will come from people with a lot of experience under their belt. It might also come in handy when you’re applying for their company when you’re already job-hunting. If you managed to make a good impression on them before, you’ll definitely get the recommendation you didn’t even ask for.

  • Get an internship at your local tech company
    Have you always dreamt of working for Google or Apple or Facebook? Well, those are legit tech dreams, yes, but remember: working for a startup or a smaller tech company isn’t an entire loss either. Take internships for these local companies and you will learn more than you expect. You’ll get more responsibilities, more complex tasks, and you’ll learn how to mingle with different kinds of people. Also, you might meet more “inspired” people as they will be more enthusiastic about their growing companies.



Don’t give employers the doubt that you’re more than capable of taking a job. Let your CV speak for itself. When your resume is packed with experiences and a variety of skills, you’ll be surprised to know that these employers will be the one to find you instead of the other way around.

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