Create the Best IT Team with these Tips!


When you’re an IT manager, it’s a must to understand that if you want to achieve big things and big results, all the members of your team must play an important role in making that happen. Even if you’re the most experienced in the team, you can’t hire people just because of the qualifications you see on their CV.  Here are specific job tips to help you train and retain your tech team:


This isn’t just about avoiding micromanaging and giving your IT team enough space to breathe. Sometimes, you have to take a step back and let your teammates in on learning from other people -- not just from you. You can only teach them so much, but giving them the opportunity to grasp knowledge from another IT pro might do them wonders. That being said, when you’re in the process of mentoring, it’s vital to be consistent with your decisions and the “changes” you apply. Don’t apply positive change only to go back on it a few weeks later.  

Go the untraditional route

This is somewhat repetitive and cliche, but still applies when it comes to tips for managers is to always think outside the box. Anyone can create objectives and set goals, but it takes an innovative manager to come up with new ways to reach and excel at those priorities. For instance, how about trying paired programming where your teammates can review code together? 

Hire someone better than you


Does this idea seem strange to you? As a leader, you shouldn’t be afraid or intimidated to employ people with new or better skills. Remember, the most-sought after IT jobs are very in demand in the market. Also, being a senior also means learning from your students. Instead of seeing a potential competition, always consider these hires as potential assets. 

Empower ideas

When you’ve got an innovative team on your hands, the next thing you want is for them to come out of their shell. Pushing them beyond their usual tasks and responsibilities to go the extra mile. Stimulating their creative genius is a must, so let them contribute to planning and projects. Encourage people to voice out their thoughts and of course,  if the ideas are good -- implement them. When you show your team you trust them, they’ll be more than glad to return the sentiment. 


When you want your IT team to flourish, you’ve got to ignite their passion for work. Make things exciting and stray away from the mundane. Communicate with them. Lead by example and show that you’re having fun at your job. Don’t make work seem like a chore or create a toxic workplace. Make the office a productive and learning environment where they can be who they are while boosting their work productivity.

Accomplish great things with your tech team with these IT job tips. Here at, we not only want you to hire the best IT pros in the biz, but we also want you to keep them in your team in the long run. Want access to the country’s largest pool of tech talents? Partner with us and get those top-notch hires. Contact us, the Philippines Premier IT job portal!




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