Entice Millennial IT Pros with These 5 Super Tips



When you’re a recruiter or hiring manager and you’re desperate to find your candidate, it can get quite frustrating when after all the effort, they end up signing with another company. Every once in a while, it’s important to ask yourself: how do you stay on top of your game in the recruiting biz? Is it all about offering the highest starting salary packages? Is it just about the work from home options? These tricks are all common for the Millennial job-hunter, so you might have to strategize a little more and work a different kind of magic before you accept your next interview session.


Why apply different tactics for Millennial IT pros?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the money. For Millennials, learning and opportunities to develop their skills might outweigh monetary compensation. That’s why here are surefire ways for you to charm your next tech pro interview.



1. Be a little wax poetic. Think back to the days when you were so enthusiastic about your job. What made you believe and stay in the company? When you have your reasons figured out, you can easily “sell” your company — even to a seemingly elusive applicant. When they see how passionate you are in working for your company, it’ll ignite curiosity and interest. If you want to make someone sign, the last thing you want to do is to look morose and tired from your job.


2. Be pro-company. Once you know you’ve sunk your claws into the candidate’s interest (or even if you haven't), the next step would be to highlight your company’s great points. Does it take care of its tech employees? Are they keen on investing in their employees’ further growth inside and outside the company? Where is your company in terms of your current industry? Tell them why your company is the best choice — even if there are other companies that offer similar posts. Go into the details, present them with facts — what kind of reputation is your company known for?


3. On the other hand, don’t lie. It’s great to speak great about your company, but don’t feel compelled to exaggerate (lie) about the company’s successes. If there are few, just mention it, and don’t give a candidate false pretenses. If it’s just a startup, make them feel why they are going to enjoy being part of a pioneer team. You don’t want a tech pro to sign up because of false information. Besides, once they get hired, they’ll find out anyway.



4. Make it a safe space. When you’re engaging with your applicant, you want to earn their trust. Make them feel comfortable. Don’t play mind games and make it a point to intimidate them. Be chill! When you make your candidates feel like they’re in a good environment, the more chances are they will speak up. They will find it easier to communicate with you. Although they have the responsibility to speak for themselves, you might find things easier if you meet them halfway. Building rapport with your candidate may give them the right impression.


5. Have an open mind. Of course, it’s always important to be inclusive in the hiring process, but that’s not all that you have to be sensitive about. It’s keeping a reasonable head when it comes to your hiring standards as well. We know that it’s all about hiring “the best” out there, but remember — IT pros are human beings. They are all unique individuals and you might miss a great hire in favor of more popular schools. You might miss out on a charismatic but smart teammate because you’re too focused on awards or years of experience. The point is: you might find someone who is awesome at what they do for less the cost. Look at potential. Look at the passion of the candidate.


You need to review these IT pro tactics every now and then if you want to make of hiring the best fit for your team or account. Hiring isn’t just about looking at skills — it’s also about the person and how you can benefit each other and vice versa.


Which of these tips are you currently applying? Which do you need to work on? More IT recruiter tips await you should you course through our Tech Blogs. On the other hand, if you’re still looking for more candidates, you can sign with us to gain access for the best IT talents in the country!

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