Facebook essentials in recruiting IT professionals


In the Philippines, you have to wonder, who isn’t using Facebook? Everyone’s obsessed with this particular social media platform. Aside from selfies, quizzes, and witty posts -- Facebook is also being used as an efficient tool for online recruitment, especially when it comes to the IT community. Not only would IT recruiters be able to have direct contact with the applicant, but they can also check the IT pro’s online presence.


Before you start sliding to potential candidates’ inboxes, here are five Facebook tips for recruiters to help you — whether you’re a new or seasoned recruiter —  navigate the waters professionally.


Join IT job hiring groups
This is not only for your job’s benefit, but to increase your networking skills as well. It would benefit you to get known in the community. The more connections you have, the better. For instance, it would be a good idea to join IT Job Search Philippines, an IT job exclusive group for Filipino professionals. Groups like these are closely monitored so you can be assured that the members who will be seeing the posts are exclusive to IT pros only. Also, posting in groups are free! This will definitely give you the maximum amount of exposure for your openings.

Get the basics down
When you’re posting online, you should have all the details ready. Basic information such as the job description, salary range, and all the other usual answers to candidates’ questions. Online respondents might be more aggressive with their questions, so you have to be prepared.

Don’t spam!!!
Have you ever turned off notifications for a post that doesn’t interest you? Every time people like or comment, you get alerts and you’re just sick of it? The same goes for recruiters! Sure, IT pros want a lot of opportunities, but too much might actually lessen their interest! Spamming too much might decrease your company’s credibility. Remember, desperate isn’t cute.

Give tips and updates
To show your sincerity and desire to really get the good people on board, it doesn’t hurt to give tips and updates about the job posts. For example, you can tell candidates that there will be an exam for a specific role or you can announce that slots are already filled for developer jobs, etc. This is also where you can post about job fairs


Be active
Now, this is the utmost challenge — you have to engage with candidates, the community, and always respond proactively. You have to remember that everything you do online is a reflection of the company you’re working for. Feel free to give them support when applying for certain job openings and you can encourage them to tag their friends too.

Facebook is free, fun, and a great recruiter tool to use for your advantage! With these strategies, searching for your next IT pro will be a breeze. Other than Facebook, of course, the best place to find the best recruits is through the Philippines’ premier IT job portal --  ICTjob.ph. Other than exposure for your posts, our special skill matrix tool will help you track down skill-specific talents who will fit your company’s requirements. Find your candidate here today!

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