Your Facebook profile helps your search for IT jobs!


Gone are the days when it was cool to not have a Facebook account. Times have changed, and if anything, it’s a standard to have an online profile. In fact, having a Facebook profile is a good indicator of your job performance. According to, a simple “10-minute review” of your Facebook profile can give a hiring manager clues about your personality type. Not only that—they can also get insights as to how probably you’ll fit into the company’s work and succeed on the job.


Here are three specific reasons why your Facebook profile can help boost your search for the best IT job in town.


Access to the online community
When you’re in tech, it only makes sense that you’re involved in your local IT online community. There’s so much more going on than reading about IT or applying for jobs. Joining Facebook IT groups and liking pages gives you more info than you can possibly imagine. You can easily make connections and build your IT network through these channels. These pages, online friends and acquaintances can also lead you to online job opportunities. For instance, the Facebook Page posts available IT jobs on a weekly basis. It’s like getting job updates 24/7.

Self-promote your skills
More or less, people use their social media accounts to brag about their latest vacation or new purchases. Why not do the same for your tech ventures? Why not give your potential employer the chance to see how into tech you really are? Post about your coding challenges and how you overcome them, or post about the app you’re working on, or the RPG game you just created. Your FB profile can be your low-key online portfolio. Hence, remember to post only flattering information about yourself, and make sure you aren’t tagged in compromising photos or events.

Share professional content
Although your Facebook profile is a personal account, it doesn’t mean that you couldn’t show bits and pieces of your professionalism. You can start by screening and subscribing to IT content that is in line with your interests. Share posts that link to articles that has given you insights about your career. Be very intentional about the things you post. This will give you a sense of maturity; once employers and recruiters see that you’re the kind of person that is both good and into tech, you might find yourself getting a call sooner than later.

At the end of the day, your Facebook profile can be vital to your career success. When you have the connections, credentials, and the passion for tech, it will easily reflect on your profile. Treat your Facebook account as an extension of yourself, like your second CV, and as we mentioned earlier — your online portfolio, but with a personal and fun twist.

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