Feel the Filipino Pride! 5 Pinoy World-Class Mobile Games to Download

The growing IT-BPO industry of the Philippines establishes the possibilities for Filipino game programmers. When possibilities are turned into a reality, expect that local IT developers will make their presence felt and cut in the international arena. World-class mobile games are just one of the existing evidence how Filipinos prove their IT skills.

  • Catch The Guava

No one expected that a game made merely to promote the GMA Network’s series would be featured on Google Play. But Catch the Guava made it through the rigorous qualification process of Google Play. It got featured and currently stands with other popular international mobile games across the globe. The game was based on the Filipino folklore you’ve heard of growing up, the infamous Juan Tamad. To win, you would need to make sure that Juan avoid swallowing a rotten fruit that falls from the tree. Catch the Guava, a craft made by a Filipino game development company Synergy 88 Digital, bested other international mobile games with more than 800,000 downloads since its launch. You can download it in the Google play store for free.

  • Flippy Bottle Extreme 

Who said that nothing beats Temple Run 2, Color Switch or even the great Pokemon Go in Google Play ranking? Well, Flippy Bottle Extreme surprised the game development community in dominating Google Play ranking in 16 different countries. It ousted the three of the most popular mobile games with 2 million downloads worldwide. The game is very simple: you have to swipe the screen in order to flip the bottle into different places. Simple but addictive. Flippy Bottle Extreme was developed by Filipino developers from Most Played Games. Available in both iOS and Android devices.

  • Kill The Plumber 

Who can forget the most popular Italian plumber who ever existed? Everyone knows the plumber whom you spent your entire childhood just to rescue Princess Peach. This time, however, the story is flipped. Your objective is no longer to help Mario -- but to get rid of him. You will have access to all antagonists just to make sure he doesn’t get out alive. This game is so good, it won Excellence Design Price at the Independent Games Festival in China! ICT Creative Awards also honored the game by naming it as Excellence in Innovation and Best in Gameplay. And all these were accomplished by a one-man Filipino team: Bari Silvestre, or as he is known online, Keybol. This game is available to play online on sites like Steam or Kongregate.

  • Streetfood Tycoon

Haven’t you ever wondered what it was like to have your own food stall where people can make tusok-tusok the fishball? Think of that perfect place where you can just enjoy eating your favorite fishball or kikiam while earning money! It’s a dream come true with the FIlipino-designed virtual store game, Streetfood Tycoon. Like other time management games, you would have to meet certain goals while selling your favorite merienda. The game has already reached 2.5M downloads across the globe. The local-made game also bagged the top spot for Google Play’s strategy games. Streetfood Tycoon was developed by Kuyi Mobile and is available to play on both iOS and Android phones.

  • Super Awesome Quest

Super Awesome Quest live up to its name by giving you a roleplaying and combat game at the tips of your hands. The game satisfies your RPG enthusiasm via choosing your own hero and battling against monsters. You will hop from one mission to another as you earn your golds. In Philippine Game Festival 2014, Super Awesome Quest made it to the final cut for Best Sound Design, Best Game Art, and Game of the Year. Boomzap developed the game and is available for both iOS and Android users.


Have you played any of these games? Download any of these games and tell us in the comments if they’re as enjoyable as they look! Who says there’s no fun in the IT industry? For bigger and better career opportunities in tech, explore the ICTJob.ph website now!  


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