Finding a Job Even if You’re Over 30


IT Job Tips: Finding a Job Even if You’re Over 30

In the tech industry, most people in the mid- to senior-level positions aren’t “old”. Some of them might even be in their early to mid-thirties. When you’re nearing your 40s and you find yourself out of a job, how should you proceed when you know most companies only want to hire Millennials?


No worries — it’s not the end of the line for you! Here are a few tips to help you navigate your job-hunting journey:


Modify your CV
If you have more than 2 pages of CV, it may be time to review and edit! As we always say, only keep the relevant and up-to-date information in your CV. If possible, only put your job experience from year 2005 and onwards. It’s like citing references in your research paper — only resources that have been published in the past 2-3 years are considered relevant.

Watch your language!
Don’t try to be hip and speak like you’re younger. You also shouldn’t talk like you’re a grandparent reminiscing about the past. Don’t highlight that you live in the past. Practice your answers in advance before you go in for an interview. Instead, dwell on topics that are related to the tech job you’re applying for. It helps if you are also skilled in the languages that are most in demand in the industry right now because those languages are the ones that really matter.

Be prepared
Sure, you have the be prepared for the shift work culture and the work environment, but you also have to be ready to lower your expectations in terms of income. Remember that you are applying to get the job, and they are probably not going to pay you based on ALL your experience. Also, be prepared to work for a younger manager and learn new things along the way.

Be confident
How you feel confident about yourself and your abilities before and during an interview can dictate your future with a company. If you don’t trust yourself to make it, you won’t. There isn’t a better way to impress potential employers but through sheer self-confidence. When they see that you’re perfectly capable of the tasks and you’re efficient in terms of communicating yourself, you just may get that job you want!

It may be harder to find a job, but it’s important to never lose hope! As long as you’re determined to be employed and there are job ads online — nothing is impossible! In fact, has these job tips and more — we’ve also got the best IT job opportunities in the country. You can use our special skill matrix tool for a better chance at a job-skill match for you. Create your account today! Good luck!

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