Free Sites Where You Can Learn to Code

Determined to best programmer in the country? Or do you simply wish to gain additional experience to boost your CV? When you’re determined to sharpen your coding skills, you just need to learn more code! And believe it or not, you can learn programming without an enrollment fee! We’ve put together a solid list for your reference!  


You can’t make a list like this without CodeAcademy. Here, you can learn HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP. A lot of people have learned code from this site for a reason, so try it out. 

Want Ivy-league level introduction to Computer Science? Learn anything from Architecture, Environmental Studies, to all 276 Computer Science courses. Just enroll and you’re good to go. The only fee you have to pay for is the Verified Certificate, if you need one. 

Khan Academy
Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript and animation. What sets Khan Academy apart from other free learning sites is that students are able to interact in a community and share their knowledge with each other. 

Free Food Company
Claiming to have solved over 17 million coding challenges, and over $1 million donated in development work. For free free, you’ll be able to learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScrit, Databases, Git & GitHub, Node.js, React.js, and D3.js. Other than that, you’ll be able to get help in real time from their community chat rooms. 

Their fun homepage is an image of a computer monitor with several programs you can click on. They’ll ask you to choose your language. You can pick from any of the following: Clojure, CoffeeScript, C#, C++, Elixir, Java, JavaScript, Haskell, PHP, Python, Ruby, and TypeScript. If your prefered language isn’t there, you can simply vote for yours. 

Although they have more paid courses, Udemy has 60 free courses you can try. Some of their free courses are gems you wouldn’t want to miss. Python, Ruby, Java, Github, PHP, MySQL, Swift 3 Basics, C#, and more. 

The Code Player
Increase your knowledge and skills on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and more! Just visit their homepage and you’ll be taken to all their available courses. From Animating CSS3 Gradients, HTML5 canvas and javascript fireworks tutorial, and a whole lot more options to expertly modify your program.
Thrilled to learn something new? When it comes to technology, there’s no limit to the new things you can discover! The learning process never stops. Now that you’ve got your free IT course websites to help you, you’ll be more equipped to apply to the array of job openings in! Start learning now!



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