Front End Development and Back End Development: What’s the difference?

Front End Development and Back End Development are terms that we have heard about in any IT related Industry. It is the division between the things that are used (gadgets) and the things that make things used (server) respectively. Both of these forms of development are very important to both the creator and consumer.


Understanding Front End and Back End

Let’s say that we enter into a grocery store and the first thing we see are all the shelves with items such as juices, chips, canned goods and, etc. We can consider these goods to be the Front End of the project. While the Back End focuses on the operations and the systems such as inventory management and point of sale (POS) systems that manages your front end. Having this mental image can give us a glimpse on how front end development works with back end development and vice versa.


Back End Development focuses on:

  • The Server
  • Application
  • Database

Front End Focuses on:

  • App Designers
  • Web Designers
  • User Interface
  • User Experience


Simply said, the Back End development is like the “backbone” of the whole program while the Front End is what the consumer sees and uses.


Best thing about both types of development

The best thing about Front End vs Back End is that you don’t have to fret about not knowing one or the other. Even if they work together, it is not necessary to know the back end development if you are a front end developer. However, if you know both you can pose as a stronger asset to the IT company that you are working for.

Do you want to be a frontend or backend developer?
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