How to Get the Salary You Want with 6 Practical Tips!



Have you spotted a job you want from, but notice that they are offering way less than your expected salary? It’s not impossible that out of desperation, most people just agree to take on low-paying jobs because they are hesitant or shy to ask about money matters.


When you’ve got an active IT career, you should know that the industry is paying above average salaries for tech job positions. Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate your salary -- especially if you know you’re worth more than what they’re offering.


Here are negotiating tips for your interview to help you get the salary you want:


Know how much you’re worth and how much you want


If you’ve already worked for an IT company before, you can ask for a higher salary than your previous employer’s rate. If you’re a newbie, it’s fine to ask for a range around the average salary rate offered for your positions. Do this BEFORE you go to the interview.


Time it properly


The best time to ask about salary issues is actually right before they give you the job offer -- not at the beginning of the interview. Hence, don’t forget to fill out the application form and write the range of amount you’re expecting. This will give recruiters ample time to decide whether they are willing to meet your asking price or negotiate with you.


Have a back-up plan


Let’s say you really want to work for the company, but they’re paying below your expected salary. Instead of accepting the pay that will make you unhappy, try to ask for other perks such as a flexible working schedule or other company gimmicks that will make your stay more than worth it. Remember, bad pay will eventually tire you out of your motivations, so be sure to know exactly how much you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of working your dream job.


Be confident


You cannot expect for a hiring manager to read your mind or give you a higher rate just because you think you deserve it. One negotiating salary tactic is to mean what you say, because you mean business. When you’re confident with your skills (and you’ve got the certifications to boot), you know they’re going to benefit from your skills and expertise -- hold onto that and ask for your price. If you’re going to be meek about it, you will probably get a meek offer, too.


Be a potential asset


Even if we’ve established that you deserve a high rate for an IT person, you should keep all that self-serving goals to yourself. At this point, recruiters and hiring managers are more concerned about what YOU can give to the company. Avoid mentioning how you need the job to pay for your bills. It’s just a big NO. Once they see you’re not just after the money (even if you are), you might just get that salary you desire.


Never decide on a whim


Some interviewers/recruiters have been doing this for years. They can sway you or drive you away with their offers. If you’re ready to negotiate, so are they. Don’t accept a JO so quickly, nor should you decline one just because you didn’t get what you want. Always take the time to review your choices and the impact it would have not only on your finances but your career. Don’t take it too personally and honestly, it pays not to be too greedy. Find a balance in between and you might the perfect amount you need.

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