Good Signs You’re Ready to Move on from Your Company


It’s normal for any employee to want to leave their jobs when they’re stuck in a rut. They’re bored. They’re not growing. But did you know that you can also leave your job for good reasons? Is it time for you to spread your wings and fly to greener pastures? Check out the signs below!


You’re not learning anything new
It’s not that you would obnoxiously belittle anyone who asks you for help or instructions. It’s as simple as you’ve already learned everything you can get from the job. Before saying goodbye because of this reason, it’s best to initiate the learning process and if the company finds it hard to accommodate your learning sessions -- it’s probably time to move on.  


You’re ready to lead
Have you taken interns under your wing and found the process beneficial to you  both? Are you at that point where you know you have so much to teach not only your colleagues, but also your boss? When you’ve got the experience to boot, it’s time to get a promotion and face a bigger and more daunting task.  

You’ve already made a “mark” in the company
Will you be leaving a good and memorable legacy behind once you leave your post? If you have much to prove, maybe it’s not time to give up yet. Make it a personal challenge to go beyond what you can offer your company. Once you’ve accomplished something big -- and with much success, you’ll find it easier to impress potential employers.

You’re ready to work in a more specialized field
As we’ve mentioned countless times, IT pros are highly revered when they have more than one skillset under their belt. Hence, when you’ve already maximised your learning opportunities in your company and you are itching to try a new but IT-related career, it might be time to pass on the torch to someone else and unleash your untapped potential.

You’re being offered other jobs
Have you started getting messages from recruiters? Have they reviewed your profile or CV and discovered you’re exactly what they’re looking for? If the intent to hire you came from their end, it might be a good time to reevaluate your worth. Has your skill set improved so much that other companies have heard about it? It’s something you definitely have to think about as soon as possible.


As a member of the IT community, you’ll be doing the country a big disservice if you don’t use your IT skills to the fullest. Good thing that is here as there isn’t a better place to find the perfect IT opportunities. All the great tech jobs and big IT companies are waiting for you to apply. Submit your CV now and see just how far you’ll go.

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