Google Machine Learning Platforms Launched for Free!


Once again, Google took the world by surprise by opening two machine learning platforms for free. Definitely, this is a great opportunity for IT professionals everywhere. Before that, you may wonder...

What is machine learning?
Do you find it difficult to dissect a sentence construction while deciphering its meaning? Do you spend so much time transcribing your interviews and other important audio files? If your answer is yes, it’s a great time to be alive. Thanks to Google, you can access up to two different solutions without paying a cent. Via Google cloud platform, you can use these platforms for your business or tech job.


Google Natural Language API
Google put tech jobs into the next level when they launched the beta of Google Natural Language Application Program Interface (API). Developers built the machine learning platform to enable IT practitioners just like you to discover the meaning behind a text construction. The platform covers three languages for now: English, Spanish, and Japanese. Moreover, this helps you to see through the texts that you want to analyze instead of manually extracting information. For instance, you may upload a document or link a file from your Google Cloud Storage then the API will give you sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and syntax analysis. For sentiment analysis, the API will give data on how the whole text are expressed while entity recognition will identify the labels that can be found on your block text. Meanwhile, you may determine the parts of speech and dependency parse trees via syntax analysis.


Google Cloud Speech API
If you have a sentence dissector for the first API, the second API functions as your translator. Programmers designed the platform to help businesses and organizations to transcribe audios or videos. Unlike Google Language API, this machine learning platform covers 80 different languages. So, you do not have to worry if you are not speaking the business language - English. As long as the audio is under its coverage, then you can easily transcribe them anytime. After the released beta, programmers addressed users’ initial concerns via enabling usage of phrases based on context and activating asynchronous calling. You would not encounter any problems in using this API if you have tried Google Search or Google since the developers integrated with same voice recognition.


Truly, this google cloud machine learning is revolutionary! You can only imagine how far the IT community will go with these advancements. It makes you wonder what Google cloud services would be available in the not-so-distant future.


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