Hire your next IT pro with ease with these 7 tips!

Tired of no-show applicants? Losing hope from all the skilled but half-hearted walk-ins? Where have all the potential employees gone? Worry no more, here are seven awesome tips from your most trusted IT job portal. Read on, recruiter hero!


Be prepared and stand out



It’s time to put your recruiter hat and game face on! 

Sending copy-pasted job descriptions via email and texts isn’t the only way to nail your job opening. If you think job candidates need to have an efficient CV or social media profile -- so do you! Do you have the right connections in the IT industry? Are you using the right HR tools to help you stay organized and efficient? It’s always hiring season in the IT industry, so you’ve always got to be on your toes!


Speak IT 


To the untrained recruiter, IT pros may seem like they’re speaking a different language. 

What are the main departments in the company? If the employee is hired, what is the exact role will he or she play in the company? How will that role contribute to the company’s growth? IT staff hiring may require a little studying on your part. That includes learning tech speak, knowing what software or programming languages are required for the job. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with ICT keywords that will be discussed in the interview. 



WIIFT - What's in it for them?


Because how else would you lure them in?  

As much as it seems that you’re doing the candidate a favour by giving an employment opportunity, as a recruiter, it’s also a must to make the candidate feel that you really need their services. Hence, when you post a job, it’s like attracting bees to pretty flowers. Nowadays, potential employees are desperate not only to secure a monthly paycheck, but their future. They need health insurance, retirement plans, a reasonable working schedule, and a good working environment. Pique their interest and put yourself in their shoes! Wouldn’t you want to work in your dream company? 


Communication is key 


It’s not that you’re clingy, you’re just thorough. 

It might be easier to send a text, but you have to be extra sure that the candidate actually saw your message. Sometimes, you should still persevere in case the job hunter didn’t answer your phone calls. The safest bet is for you to send a professional email… a text, a call -- and a message on LinkedIn, if you’re extra determined. The best IT professional might not be staring at job portal sites for the perfect job posting they want. What if said person just signed out of his or her account right after you just posted a job ad? Don’t miss out on a great talent because of bad timing.


Make it personal


Make the candidate “open up”. To do that, you should too!

You’re neither a banker nor a lawyer. You’re an awesome recruiter, and that means you should treat your candidates as human beings, not just another CV or resume. Making a candidate feel at ease in an interview is one thing, but communicating your intentions through a message or call is another. Call people by their name. Be friendly. Show them that you’re on their side. Before or during interviews, you can try to bring up common interests or connections that both of you have. Have you worked with the same people? Went to the same colleges or events? The thing is, whether the job application pushes through or not, you’ll build more bridges and make stronger connections this way. 


Focus on THEIR careers


It’s not about you or the company (even if it is).

We’ve already talked about employee benefits in tip No.3, but now, it’s a little bit more specific. When you’re aiming for IT professionals, a mere job description with job-specific tasks may not cut it. IT pros look beyond a job description and look for opportunities to grow and harness their skills. When you hire programmers, how would you be certain that you’ll be able to retain them in the long run? Will you be able to give them the right tasks and responsibilities to make them want to learn further than their specific field? This way, you can tell how much a candidate wants the job and it’s also how you show that your company intends not only to keep but also to nurture their employees. 


Keep them in the loop


Now is not the time to pull a disappearing act.

One of the worst things that you could possibly do to a job hunting candidate is to not reply or update them about the status of their application. It may not be a life and death situation for you, but for some, it may be. Their future depends on this job post and a lack of reply from your part may come across as a reflection of your company’s sincerity in terms of dealing with their employees -- most especially if you’re aiming to recruit this top-notch candidate. In fact, even if you don’t plan on hiring the talent, it’s only right to send them a proper message or feedback as to why they didn’t get the position.

Be more than just a job ad found in IT job posting sites. If you want more potential employees at your company’s doorstep, applying these seven tips is the way to go!

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