The ICT Barometer June 2019

ITJ Salary Barometer has had a busy year so far and we’re nowhere near done! Instead of releasing it at the end of the year, we present to you the ICT Barometer June 2019. You deserve to know how much you’re worth as early as now. 


What’s new with the ICT Barometer

While we will be releasing a fuller list of salaries by December this year, the new ICT Barometer June 2019 will feature new roles and skills. We’ve added more information that one long infographic isn’t enough. However, it’s a must to note that all the data here is from the candidate database from months January to June 2019 only. Hence, data may change by the time we release the ICT Barometer for the entire year. 



ICT Barometer June 2019: Roles vs Experience

Roles vs Experience
In contrast to last year’s mere seven roles, our current ICT Barometer features 20 roles from our database. Unlike last year where we put all the Programmer/Developers together, there are now separate data for Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile Developers. Additional roles include Software Engineer and Full Stack Developer. The Graphics/Design role has been split into Graphic Artist, Web Designer, UI/UX Specialist. Analyst roles have been categorized into Business Analyst and Technical Analyst. Software QA Engineer has also been added to the list. Other roles also include Data and System Administrators, Network Engineer, and more senior roles like Project and IT Manager. Support has also been segregated to IT Security/Network System, Helpdesk/Desktop, and IT/Tech.


ICT Barometer June 2019: Developer Skills vs Experience

Developer Skills vs Experience

Notable results in this category are the 85.63% increase of the senior level post for Oracle Developers — last year was at PHP 87,000, and now, it’s on a whopping PHP 161,500. The same goes for HTML/CSS Developers, who experienced a 71.69% increase this year. Android Developers for both mid & senior level also had a 21.56% and a 50% salary increase respectively. Additional data includes SAP and Salesforce developers that have promising rates as seen on the infographic.

ICT Barometer June 2019: Average Salary Increase vs Years of Experience

Average Salary: Years of Experience

While there has been a 0% increase for juniors (which is understandable due to basic minimum wage reasons), the mid-level tech professionals are enjoying a 12% increase in their salaries. Seniors, on the other hand, have an average of 28% salary increase for their roles. 



Based from the numbers -- being a senior-level IT professional definitely (and literally) pays off! If you're a Junior or Mid-level tech pro, be sure to upskill and keep on gaining the necessary experience you need to reach the top of the ladder. 


Truly, what an exciting time for those in the tech industry! Does your salary reflect in the numbers? If not, it's the perfect chance to create a profile in and indicate the salary range you are earning. This will help not only your profile but other tech professionals too. If you’re still not with us — now is the best time. You can create an account by clicking on this link

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