The 2017 Salary Barometer

By now, you know that IT pros are the highest paid workforce in the country. It’s a growing industry and the demand for tech pros isn’t going to wane any time soon. If you’re just starting your IT career, all we can say is hold on! You’re off to great heights!



Average Salary: Roles vs Experience

Junior IT pros, who have less than two years of experience, can earn as much PHP 26,750 in Data Roles, with specializations in Data Analysis, Architecture, and Administration. QA/Tester and Analyst Roles also range from PHP 23,000-24,000.  IT support, however, is significantly lower than its counterparts, earning only a mere PHP 15,800.

IT pros who have over 2 years and a minimum of 5 years of experience, Programmers and Developers have the highest at PHP 48,900, with roles in Infrastructure following close by at PHP 47,500 and Data roles at PHP 46,700. IT support ranks last with PHP 25,000.

Senior IT pros are expectedly earning more, with salaries almost bumping the PHP 100,000 mark. For instance, Programmers/Developers and Infrastructure roles are at the PHP 90,000 range. Data roles are not far behind with PHP 81,700. QA/Tester roles are at PHP 72,000 and Analyst roles are on PHP 65,000. Graphics/Design roles is at PHP 55,000. IT support is at PHP 35,000.


Average Salary: Developer Skill vs Experience

For Python developers, junior-level pros can start with as much as PHP 32,500, which is higher than other developer skills. In fact, the 2nd highest salary next to Python is for Oracle and other related technologies, which can be as much as PHP 27,500. For PHP 25,000-26,000 salary range include developers for Ruby on Rails, Java, .Net/ASP.NET and JavaScript/JQuery. iOS, Android, and PHP developers offer PHP 20,000-22,500. HTML/CSS is last at PHP 18,500.


Intermediate developers would enjoy higher rates with their 2+ year experiences. Salaries range from PHP 37,500 (php Developers, Android) to a huge PHP 65,000 (Python). Java Developers come in second most highest salary offered at PHP 60,000. Ruby on Rails, .NET/ASP.NET, and JavaScript/JQuery offer PHP 55,000 for qualified developers. If you’re looking for a PHP 40,000-45,000 range salary, Oracle, HTML/CSS, and iOS developers are on this list.


Senior Developers for Ruby on Rails can get as much as PHP 125,000, while Python devs aren’t far behind with PHP 120,000. Java, .NET/ASP.NET, and JavaScript/JQuery still have hug salaries above a hundred grand at PHP 105,000. Although php developers from junior to intermediate experienced developers do not enjoy highest ranked salaries, seniors can enjoy as much as PHP 97,500. On the other hand, HTML/CSS, Oracle, iOS, and Android, have a PHP 65,000-77,500 salary range.


Average Salary: Years of Experience

Staying in your career in the IT industry may just be the best action to take. Like other jobs that have low to average-paying salaries for less experienced developers, it’s important to note that staying within the track (add to that acquiring more IT skills and certifications), persistence will definitely pay off. Intermediate-level developers, after all, earn an average salary of PHP 47,000. It takes another big jump when you reach your senior level (over 5 years of experience), as there is an average of PHP 92,000 salary.


Overall Insight

With the rise of big BPOs and startups, the Philippine IT industry is undergoing major tech disruptions and there will be a continuous demand for these IT pros. However, it’s important to take note that supply is not proportional to the demand, hence the shortage of skilled talent. Think about it: last 2016, there were over 500,000 IT jobs available in the Philippines, and yet, the current IT pros in the Philippines is half the demand at 204,000 (We are, ICTjob Philippines Inc., April 2017). IT pros can definitely expect high salary offers for responding to highly demanded skills.


The main challenge for the IT pro is to stay relevant in spite of the constantly changing technology and demand for skills. We advise for job hunters to keep a close eye on companies that offer trainings as part of their employment packages. This would no doubt help you keep adding skills on your CV, which would make  it easier for recruiters to find you and spot you from competition.


Despite the overwhelming number of career options in the Philippine IT/tech industry, IT pros can only rest assured that there will always be a career path waiting for them. All it takes is the first step, and that can be through creating a profile in the Philippines’ premier IT job portal,


*These numbers and estimates are based solely from the database over the year of 2017.


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