The 2018 Salary Barometer

ITJ Salary Barometer 2018

As per tradition, we want to keep IT pros updated with regards to their salary expectations. In fact, you’ll be pleased to see that almost all the categories have experienced an increase this year. While we’ve been busy curating the best IT jobs for you, we’ve been taking note of all the salaries and compiled them all into one post especially for your convenience. Lo and behold — feast your eyes on the data below (which are all in PHP), exclusively researched by the team!



Roles vs Experience

It’s great news for Support roles where the base salary has increased from 15,800 to 20,500. Even mid-level support roles have also increased by 6,000 from 25K to 31K. The IT senior role also increased from 35k to 45.8K. Last 2017, Programmer/Developers earned an average of PHP 24,600 for junior level candidates, 48,900 for mid-level employees, and 92,300 for seniors. This year, the roles have had an increase at 26,800, 55,800, and 102,500 respectively. Infrastructure roles, however, had little increase at 22,500, with intermediate roles having a decent increase from 47,500 to 54,200 this year, as with the senior roles, ranging from a previous 90,000 to a nearly 100K salary at 97,500. Junior Analysts, on the other hand, gained a minimal increase from 23,750 to 25,000, with mid and senior level roles also increasing from 39,600 to 48,400 and 65,800 to 81,700 respectively.


However, Data roles in the junior level have experienced a dip from 26,750 to 24,800 this year. Mid-level roles have a minimal increase at 47,200 and a 6,700 increase for senior roles at 88,400. QA Testers in the junior division also declined from 24,750 to 23,200. Mid-level QA testers also decreased from 45,750 to 41,700. Thankfully, senior QA testers have increased a bit from 72,600 to 75,800. New graphic designers can ask for a max of 21,800 this year — higher compared to 2017, however, mid-level designer salaries have decreased from 37,500 to 35,500 while senior graphic designers remained stagnant at 55,000.

Developer Skills vs Experience
When it comes to developers by skill, it’s great news for Oracle developers where almost all roles have experienced an increase compared to last years, 27,500, 45,000, and 67,500. This year, those roles can ask for 30,500, 54,000 and 87,000 respectively. iOS developer salaries also increased slightly for junior roles (22,500 to 23,000) and mid-level roles (42,500 to 44,000), and seniors getting as much as a 7,000 increase from last year’s 70,000.

New Python developers can ask as much as 34,000 — an increase from last year’s 32,500. Yet again, like the trend of the previous category, middle-level Python dev salary decreased from last year’s 65,000 to 52,500. Senior Python developers also did not experience much of an increase from 120,000 to 112,500. Developers for Ruby on Rails for junior and senior posts have also hiked minimally compared to last year, but intermediate level roles have declined from 55,000 to 50,000 this year. Not much has changed for Java developers but a minor increase for beginner roles at 28,500 (it was at 25,750 last 2017), but mid and senior roles have slightly decreased compared to last year.


More or less, the same has happened to .NET/ASP.NET developer salaries where the junior and middle roles have decreased by 1,000 each, and the senior role increasing by a mere 1,000 at 106,000. Not much has changed for PHP junior developers at 20,000 since last year. Surprisingly, however, their mid-level developers have increased from 37,500 to 44,000 this year, and senior developers experiencing a minor increase from 97,500 to 100,000.


For HTML/CSS developers, take note: junior developers might feel discouraged with a slight dip from 18,500 to 17,000 this year but mid-level developers get a hefty increase from 40,000 to 47,000! The senior level role also has an increase from 77.500 to 83,000. Android developers for the junior division have remained in its 22,000 range but increased slightly for mid and senior roles at 38,500 and 71,000.


On the other side of the spectrum, salaries for JavaScript/JQuery have declined this year for all roles, considering last year they were at 25,000 for juniors, 55,000 for intermediate roles, and 105,000 for seniors.  Now, they are at 21,000, 50,000, and 100,000 respectively.


Years of Experience

The average salary for juniors has increased very slightly compared from last year’s 23,400, while intermediate roles — for people who have over two years to five years max of experience, suffered a slight decrease from 47,000 to 45,000. For those who have over five years to 10 years of experience have also experienced a decline from 92,000 last 2017 to 80,000 this year. Salary Barometer 2018 Summary

It’s an exciting time for junior roles still as the base rate is increased for almost all categories. Middle roles, however, have suffered the most decreases, hence, it’s not advisable to job hop until you have gained a significant amount of experience in your current roles. Senior roles, on the other hand, are proving to be the best in terms of raking in bucks. It’s advisable to stay in your current post, ask for a raise, or better yet — find a better IT opportunity where you can get the max amount of your current post.

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