INFOGRAPHIC: Day to Day IT Job Survival Guide

Even if you love your job--or even if it’s one you’re just starting, there’s no denying that there will be slow days. The day will come when you just feel like you can’t do anything productive, or that you can’t make sense of your programmer job. To shift your direction from eventual burnout (or boredom), you just need a mini survival guide to help you get by:



Tool box challenge

Even if your office already has one, you might find it exciting to put together your very own, personalized set of tools. Screwdrivers, pliers, nuts and bolts, scissors, markers, and an assortment of video cables and adapters. It’s also helpful to have multiple USB chargers, card readers, and a drive that is compatible for Linux, OS X, and Windows. It’s a win-win to have these tools ready for jobs in IT and software, and gives you a better sense of personal space.


Get up to speed on open sources

Whether it’s for you or a colleague who desperately needs help, it’s always handy to have more than just your tool kit to save the day. For instance, here’s the ITJ list of open sources for web developers.
Practice assertiveness

Even if you don’t feel like it, the best way to stay active in the workplace is to engage with people and of course, take on more or new tasks to challenge yourself and keep you on your toes. Learning new things can open doors for you and certainly boost your career (and your enthusiasm!).

Make friends

If you’re intent on keeping your job, you’ll have the tendency to be a workaholic. You might not even mind spending countless hours and days at work. If work=life for you , why not keep things exciting by socializing with your colleagues to balance our your work life, but also to broaden your horizon in the workplace. Try making friends with people from other teams in the office, too!

Avoid Facebook

Unless your official job is to moderate social media, don’t rely on Facebook to get you through the day. Consider it a bad habit if you continuously have to go to FB just to check someone else’s profile or when you’re bored. Find other ways to keep you occupied.
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