INFOGRAPHIC: How to Find Work-Life Balance When You’re in IT

We know that working in IT comes with the long hours, but simply said: you’re not productive when you’re tired or unhappy.  



The importance of free time

The concept of free time was born during the time when people settled into civilizations. They needed a break from all the farming, hunting, and building new homes. Thus, people were able to come up with new ideas to better their lives and produce art. That’s how the golden age was born. The same goes for you, even if you’re in IT. You should also value your free time.

Keep your weekends free

There may be the occasional overtime at work where you have to work on a Saturday, but on regular weekends--don’t push yourself. You may say you’re not religious, but weekends were invented for a reason. Everyone needs a day of complete rest. The secret to productivity is rest and recharging with friends and family. It’s not enough to just chat or text. You need human, face-to-face interaction.


Don’t take a part-time job

Especially if it means eating up your weekends. Always ask yourself if it’s worth it. You will eventually have to sacrifice so much of your time to make room for this additional task. There can be cases that your primary motivation will be thwarted by exhaustion. For instance, you might be saving up to buy a health card, but if you’re getting sick and physically drained because of the part-time job, you’re only working in vain.


Pay attention to you health

Say you do have free time, but are you too tired to make the most of it and do anything at all? When you’re working, be sure to stand up every half an hour. Keep water close by to stay hydrated. Don’t indulge in too much junk food. Pay attention to how you take care of yourself.


Remember, a strong, healthy body can do so much more. The enemy of IT work, especially if you’re not in the physical customer support side, is a sedentary lifestyle. IT can be comfortable but it’s not healthy in the long run, especially if exercise is the last thing on your mind after work. Consider walking, running, or cycling to home after work. Stretch out those muscles. You can also practice little exercises that you can do on your desk.


Get enough sleep

You can always take a new proactive hobby to enrich your weekends, but don’t forget to get enough sleep. Don’t deprive your brain the rest it needs. This is your body’s way of recharging, especially from long hours facing the monitor. Sometimes, you’ve just got to take those vacation leaves!


It’s a given that IT people are very hard-working and dedicated to their job, and sometimes, you will feel pressured to over-perform. However, if you want to be a better web developer or programmer, it’s best to consider these IT job relaxation tips to help you out. Take care of your job as you take care of yourself.


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