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Web Developer

SpinifexIT has the need for a Web developer with basic knowledge of JAVA. The role is mainly to assist with the strategic development or support of the SpinifexIT Product suite.


Essential Job Functions

The main role and responsibilities of the employee will be:

  1. Ability to work on large strategic Web developments of a product. This will be working alongside the SpinifexIT Architect to scope, define and plan out the development life-cycle required for the product.
  2. Troubleshooting skills: ability to problem solve and systematically work through an end user help desk problems / issues. Communicate back and liaise with the Architect Team on the best remedy and way forward.
  3. Reasonable autonomy and ability to work without direct supervision. Whilst the role encompasses the ability to work within a small and flexible team, there will be times (e.g. a week or two) whereby no supervision will be available. The applicant therefore, must be autonomous enough to work independently.
  4. Ability to work offsite, in an SAP Web contracting role. Depending on the amount of 'in-house' office work available, there will be times when the job requires the applicant to work off site on a project. This type of work is with SpinifexIT partners and will be project based.
  5. Development Lifecycle:
    1. Ability to write and update specifications at a technical and business level.
    2. Ability to develop based on the contents of specifications provided by the architect team.
    3. Ability to work to a project plan and meet the milestones of the plan
    4. Be able to develop your own unit tests and other styles of testing (System, Regression, PVT etc) where required to do so.
  6. Sensitive Data:
    1. Respect the sensitivity of employee data in all environments that SpinifexIT may have access to (in both production and non production environments) and only reference employee data as part of day to day support activities and do not disclose employee information to anyone other than those who are involved in the resolution of the issue.
  7. SLA:
    1. Accountable for call progression. Be responsible for issue queue resolution and the SLA's attached to call resolution.
  8. Ability to be self-sufficient as a developer. This means being able to create your own test data for the purpose of unit testing your development changes.
  9. Be available to assist the functional consultants with a debug to analyse why functionality is processing in a certain manner




  • At least 3 years of Web Development profesional experience on client side technologies
  • Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Programing concepts (MVC and inheritance in particular)
  • Excellent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and AJAX
  • Knowledge of basic JAVA (or advanced)
  • Very good experience and understanding of web technologies and trends in the market.
  • The candidate should have excellent verbal and written communication skills.


  • An understanding of HCP / SAP technologies such as oData is a plus.
  • An understanding technically of SAP HCM is a plus.


Logistical Information

  • Based in Manila, Fort Bonifacio (Philippines).
  • Full-time, permanent position.
  • 5 days per week. Typically 8 hour days, with reasonable overtime expected when required.

Company description

At SpinifexIT, our passion is HCM. We produce innovative software solutions for SAP and SAP SucessFactors that improve user productivity, produce more meaningful reports and documents, and increase the effectiveness of shared service centers without costly custom programming.

We empower many of the largest & well-known companies and their employees with SAP HR and Payroll Solutions with focus on driving operational efficiency, saving significant time and money, and addressing constant compliance risks.

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